Tech Ed Day -1

Date Published: 05 June 2005

Tech Ed Day -1

Today started off well. Got up on time, got some breakfast, things were looking good. Then things started to go wrong. The garage door opener had shorted out and wouldn’t open/close. I noticed that my flight actually arrived at the connection at 10 something, rather than departing at 10 something as I had thought. So, there was a bit of panic there. However, made it to the airport shortly after my original flight had left, and US Air was very helpful in putting me on another flight by way of Philadelphia, which was to have gotten me to Orlando about an hour later than I would have on my original schedule. But, Philly’s control tower had had a power outage earlier today so their flights were backed up. So I sat at Akron-Canton for a good while. Then I made it to Philly for my connection, but it was delayed too, so I sat there for an hour or so past when it was to have left. Finally, I made it to Orlando, where I then had to wait about an hour after getting my bags for a shuttle. Then the shuttle took at least an hour to get to my hotel (having made several stops en route through Orlando weekend traffic). So I didn’t end up getting to my hotel until about 8:30pm, instead of around 5pm as I had planned.

I ended up missing Palermo’s party due to all of this, but I did have dinner with Doug Seven, who was also just getting in around 8pm. I hadn’t seen Doug in over a year but I’m working with him now that’s he’s working at Microsoft on the CodeZone project. We ate at a Japanese restaurant midway between our hotels that was very good. Doug’s giving some presentations tomorrow that he needed to wrap up the demos for, which is just classic (not just for Doug, but most speakers, in my experience). Meanwhile I’m taking some time to work on my two caching projects this evening (and maybe spend some time on a VSI upload/download app for CodeZone).

Tomorrow I’m going to be at an INETA User Group Leader Summit (details). I also need to go to some Cabana Staff Training in the evening. It sounds like a lot of people I know will be at the INETA thing so I’m looking forward to that.

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