Caching Birds of a Feather

Date Published: 16 June 2006

Caching Birds of a Feather

I hosted a Caching Best Practices Birds of a Feather today at Tech Ed. The attendance was not quite as great as I’d hoped but wasn’t terrible – about 15–20 people came. Overall I think it went reasonably well, with a number of people having questions and plenty of others with good experience to share. I talked about some of my favorite caching tips, tricks, and less-well-known ASP.NET caching features, and I hope everyone who came got some value from the session. Given the low-ish attendance numbers, I probably won’t submit it as a BOF for future TechEd/PDC events, though.

If you didn’t make it or you were there and don’t have the URL I posted for additional caching resources, here it is. I didn’t push my CacheManager add-in during the session, but I’d definitely suggest checking it out if you’re using ASP.NET caching. It allows you to easily view and clear the cache, and works as a plug-in that requires 0 code changes to an existing ASP.NET application. You can get it here:

AspAlliance Cache Manager

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