May 12th GC.NUG Meeting

Date Published: 16 June 2005

May 12th GC.NUG Meeting

Last Thursday I spoke to the GC.NUG group in Charleston. Charleston seems like a really nice place, and I’d like to visit there again some time when I have more time to look around. I’ve always liked South Carolina ever since my first experience there coming from Army basic training in Ft Sill (not fun) to Columbia and a much more pleasant experience of AIT at Ft. Jackson (10 years ago).

Chris Williams, the user group leader, was well-prepared and easy to work with. He had this to say about the meeting. Overall things went well, I thought, although the turnout was a bit lower than I’d hoped. There was, at least, no shortage of pizza. The group had a lot of good questions and I hope that my lack of VB demos didn’t put them off too much since I think only one of them was primarily a C# developer. Luckily, most of the implementation of caching .NET simply requires declarative tags or configuration changes.

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