TechEd Keynote

Date Published: 12 June 2006

TechEd Keynote

Choloe O’Brien from 24 has been the highlight of the keynote so far. There’ve been several 4–minute videos following the 24 format (dubbed “4”) which were pretty humorous. The main gist of the keynote so far as been security and availability via server systems. As a developer, I haven’t seen much yet, although they did talk a bit about Windows Live Authentication and how it will hopefully become Federated such that businesses can participate in this authentication process. Hopefully this Passport redux will do better as a member of Live than it did as the Forefront of Hailstorm.

Speaking of Forefronts, another major product being launched is called Forefront, which is a new Microsoft security product being announced today. Forefront is designed to allow organizational level management of network and computer security. More on this later if there’s anything really interesting. Seriously though, gotta love Chloe. Good choice for a guest this year.

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