List Options using CSS (e.g. avoiding HTML tables)

Date Published: 03 March 2005

List Options using CSS (e.g. avoiding HTML tables)

I’ve recently been converted to the “kill all unnecessary

tags used for layout” camp. I’ve been working for the last couple of months on usability and structural improvements to and have reduced the total size of each page significantly. The site flies now compared to a few months ago. However, it still uses a lot of TABLE tags for the main body, since I’ve thus far only had time to redo the header using DIV tags and CSS.

That said, I’m also working on a few applications that require some menu systems for the administration, and I’ve been looking at the easiest way to create a tabbed navigation (without 3rd party components, to keep things simple and if necessary redistributable without coupling). I’m amazed at the power of the UL / LI elements when coupled with CSS, and how widely these constructs are now supported. In particular, I one site with a large selection of examples of how easily this can be done. Check it out — I’m pretty sure .Text’s admin page uses one of these horizontal techniques for its tabs.

Update: After browsing through my CommunityServer install, I see they use SilverOrange Labs CSS Tabs, which are pretty cool, too. I may go with these!

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