Getting Back Into Coding

Date Published: 25 January 2005

Getting Back Into Coding

I’ve been back from Iraq for almost a month now, and back home in Ohio for almost 2 weeks. I have a new Alienware laptop that came last week and I’ve been trying to get it set up so that I can get some work done on it. It always surprises me how much *stuff* I have to install before I feel like my environment is ready to go. Here’s a quick list off the top of my head for this box:

Windows XP Pro (came with it)
Office 2003 (came with it — had to move my Outlook files from my old computer)
Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise
SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition
SourgeGear Vault
MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger

That’s not including a couple of games I installed that I got for Christmas and some other personal software. But now that that’s done, I’m acually able to get back into some real coding. It’s good to be back home with a high speed Internet connection, a new computer, and no boss!

Steve Smith

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