Another Viral Marketing Buzz Campaign Almost Over

Date Published: 06 March 2006

Another Viral Marketing Buzz Campaign Almost Over

Ron McDaniel who is into Buzz Marketing posted about the TextPayMe marketing effort that I’m participating in. When I last checked, they’d given away 11 $300 XBox 360 systems (5 of which appear to be to the same CP from Washington). That works out to about $3300 assuming they’re paying retail, which is unlikely. Considering the amount of buzz they’ve generated through this contest, and the number of people who have signed up and referred a dozen or two of their friends (who do not get XBoxes), I’m betting their campaign has been a massive success, in terms of ROI. This, to me, is a classic example of building up buzz about a product through the use of grassroots viral marketing. I’m betting that when the current contest ends in two weeks, they’ll have given away fewer than 25 of the XBox systems, for a total marketing cost of around $7500 — not bad.

Check out the contest details and current winners list: I expect SS from Ohio (me) to be on the site some time this week. Sign up through my banner here and let me know you did and I’ll TextPay you $1 for your trouble (I’d offer more but I only have like $3 in my account — so, offer is limited to the first three people who contact me!).

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