ArmyAdvice Update

Date Published: 21 September 2005

ArmyAdvice Update

This weekend we moved ArmyAdvice to a new software platform, Community Server 1.1. The new software includes better support for blogs as well as better photo galleries and, best of all, forums. I’ve created a variety of discussion forums which I hope people will start using and find useful. There are a few other places to discuss Army issues online, but not as many as you might expect, especially with as much attention as the military is getting these days. So I’m hoping that ArmyAdvice’s forums will be another way that soldiers can share real information with people in a way that cuts through a lot of the garbage that we see in other media. Time will tell if we’re successful in that mission, and as always, please keep in OPSEC and professionalism in mind when contributing your opinion.

Steve Smith

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