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Weekly Dev Tips – The Podcast

Weekly Dev Tips – The Podcast Listen to my Weekly Dev Tips podcast for more software development tips, provided in short audio form. You can expect some overlap in terms of topics, but unless you’ve been getting the newsletter since day one, you probably won’t find too much repetition between the two formats. Available online, iTunes, etc.

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“I just wanted to reach out to express my appreciation for your weekly dev tips. I find them really useful/insightful and feel you judge the length of the articles well, making them easy/quick to digest in a coffee break (your way of explaining concepts helps too of course!)”
James Rogers
“This is an excellent Dev Tip… I have a subscription to Pluralsight so I’ve bookmarked your course and will watch it when I have a chance. Your tips are really insightful. Keep up the great work.”
Ross Carbery
“Okay, that’s awesome. Very much appreciate that share.”
Dave van Herten

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