Need a little help? Accelerate your project with a bit of mentoring. Here are areas in which other teams have found my experience helpful:

  • Coding Practices: Design Patterns, Refactoring, Testing and Testability, Separation of Concerns, Loose Coupling, SOLID Principles, and more
  • Domain-Driven Design: Modeling the domain, keeping contexts bounded, identifying aggregates, implementing repositories, identifying value objects and entities, wiring up domain events
  • Lean and Kanban: Helping visualize work using a variety of tools (both high and low tech), maximizing flow, measuring and improving cycle time

Whether you’re a team or an individual, I'm available to remotely work with you to help you build software you can take pride in.

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Group Career Mentoring

In addition to dedicated mentoring, I also have a group coaching program designed to help developers accelerate their careers. We meet weekly and have an ongoing discussion/chat platform. New members have full access to all recorded sessions and notes. Learn more at


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