Tuesday at PDC

Date Published: 27 October 2003

Tuesday at PDC

Managed to get to some sessions today, including the morning’s keynote, which was lucky since I was out pretty late with a bunch of Codewise community members and Microsofties. The keynote was pretty cool, and included an excellent demo by Scott Guthrie as well as a fun demo of mobile control support by Batman. I spent most of the middle of the day in the expo hall talking to various vendors about what they’re doing in the .NET space and how ASPAlliance and AspAdvice can help them reach the developer community.

Right now, I’m sitting in Rob Howard’s advanced caching session, where he’s going through the new caching features that will be available in ASP.NET Whidbey. You can find an overview of these features on AspAlliance.com, in an article I whipped together during the session:

ASP.NET Whidbey Caching Overview

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