Recent Talks and Interviews at DogfoodCon

Date Published: 26 October 2017

Recent Talks and Interviews at DogfoodCon

Earlier this month I presented a couple of talks at DogfoodConin Columbus, Ohio. Sorry it’s taken me so long to share my presentations, but here they are, finally:

Improving the Design of Existing Software from Steven Smith

Introducing ASP.NET Core 2.0 from Steven Smith

While at DogfoodCon I was also interviewed by DevCoaches for their podcast. You can listen to the episode here, where we talk about .NET Core and clean code. Coincidentally, that episode aired on the same date as another interview I’d one earlier with the Productivity in Tech podcast, in which we discussed software development and entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in more from podcast/audio content from me, check out my list of other interviews and/or subscribe to my (relatively) new podcast, Weekly Dev Tips, which has super-short, focused episodes that you can easily fit in between your other, no doubt longer, podcasts.

Steve Smith

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Steve is an experienced software architect and trainer, focusing currently on ASP.NET Core and Domain-Driven Design.


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