Momentum Dev Conference and Design Patterns

Date Published: 20 April 2018

Momentum Dev Conference and Design Patterns

Yesterday I presented Design Pattern Mastery at Momentum Dev Con, a first-year regional developer conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event opened up with a Women In Technology panel that was very well-received, and used 50-minute sessions with 10-minute breaks to pack a lot of sessions into the one day event. I thought the organizers did a fantastic job and from what I could see, everything went off without a hitch. I had some great conversations with attendees and other speakers and would definitely recommend the event to others in the future.

Below are my slides from my presentation, which provided an overview of design patterns and why they're useful to learn, and then drilled down into a few particularly useful (and often used) patterns. I also show how to combine and stack a variety of design patterns to achieve great flexibility in your application's design. Enjoy!


Design Pattern Mastery - Momentum Dev Con 19 Apr 2018 from Steven Smith

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