Deloittes AdServe

Date Published: 28 March 2004

Deloittes AdServe

I’ve been looking for some ad serving software for DevAdvice this year, and the best one around for purchase that I’ve found is deloittes.NET AdServe. I have their full-source license, which comes with VB and has thus far been pretty easy to customize with a few of my own requirements. I was really impressed with the overall professional look of the user interface and the reporting capabilities, along with the fact that this is one of the few products in this category that is 100% ASP.NET code (even if it is VB — I prefer C# but either one will do). The online demofor the product does a good job of showing off its features, and you can download a trialas well. I’ll probably post some more once I’ve actually deployed this on a live site — so far I’ve just got it working on a test box.

I don’t work for Deloittes and (thus far) they’re not an advertising customer of mine.

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