Common Design Patterns Presentations

Date Published: 16 May 2012

Common Design Patterns Presentations

This month I presented on Common Design Patterns at two regional events. I’ve given this talk a few times before, and it continues to evolve. The first one was on 4 May at Stir Trek, as a replacement talk for a cancellation. I only had about 24 hours’ notice so I didn’t spend much time updating the talk, and in fact I had to rip out a bunch of stuff that was specific to the last event I gave it at or outdated information, so visually the slides at Stir Trek weren’t what I would consider up to par. The second time I presented was last night at MIGANG in Michigan, and I had a chance to give the slides a bit more love and choose some appropriate imagery to support the concepts. You can view the slides from the presentation (the second one) here:

Common design patterns (migang 16 May 2012)

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The presentation’s demo code is actually a fork of the MVC Music Store sample available on CodePlex. You can download it as a zip or via Mercurial from the MvcMusicStoreRepositoryPattern fork here.

I did realize after talking to a couple of attendees last night that at one point I mentioned that the Design Patterns book was by Fowler. I meant Gang of Four. If you’re looking for good books on the patterns I discussed, and others, here are some good ones:

And of course if you want to learn Design Patterns and the Principles of Object Oriented Design that they follow, you’ll find great Pluralsight courses on these topics.

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