Atlas Plugged – Columbus User Group

Date Published: 28 July 2006

Atlas Plugged – Columbus User Group

I gave a presentation on Atlasto the Central Ohio .NET User Grouplast night. About 50 people were in attendance and I thought the presentation went pretty well, especially considering it was my first time presention on this subject. I’ve posted my slides and samples on the ASPAlliance Resource Directory – the direct link is

Atlas Plugged – July 2006

After the presentation I went out with about a dozen of the developers who attended the presentation to the Columbus User Group Nerd Dinner, at Hoggy’s up the road. I got to know a few folks, and hopefully I talked a few of them into submitting articles to, which can always use more content.

Oh, and Carey won the coveted ASPAlliance limited edition coffee mug that was given away at the end of the presentation. I’m not sure she realizes how many people ask us for those, but they’re pretty hot items.

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