Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Date Published: 23 March 2005

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I missed ASP.NET Connections this week, but I have been slowly getting back into my speaking and training schedule. I have two INETA engagements coming up in the next couple months:

28 April 2005
.NET Developers Group in Central Ohio
Topic: Caching Best Practices in ASP.NET
6pm at Microsoft Polaris Building

12 May 2005
Greater Charleston .NET User GroupTopic: Caching Best Practices in ASP.NET
6pm at Blackbaud

For both of these topics I intend to discuss:

  • Caching Pattern — the right way check the cache for a value, and if necessary, repopulate it (article)
  • Cache Management / Configuration Best Practices
  • Micro Caching (benefits of caching for short periods of time) (article)
  • Write Caching (or Batch Updating) (article pending)
  • Whidbey Caching Features (based on latest build available)
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