Caching Presentation – Fort Worth

Date Published: 27 October 2005

Caching Presentation – Fort Worth

Flew out and spoke to the Fort Worth .NET User Group, led by Stephen Swienton, last week. There was a pretty good turnout and I thought it went quite well. I only had one demo that didn’t go off as planned and that was a result of my having switched from a Beta 2 VPC to an RTM VPC at sort of the last minute. The slides and demos should be available on the Fort Worth website at some point, but I don’t think Stephen has posted them yet. At least, they weren’t there last night when I really could have used them, since my laptop refused to boot. More on that in a minute. Once I recover my system, I’ll post everything in one of the file repositories in the new AspAlliance Resource Directory, too. Somewhere along the line I ended up losing my somewhat expensive sunglasses, which I last saw on the table while I was giving the presentation, so that’s annoying, but it’s not the first pair of shades I’ve lost…

Just so this post isn’t completely worthless, I’ll also point out that I referenced a number of my caching articles in the presentation, including micro caching and programmatic removal of output cache entries, which I’m linking to here to help folks find them.

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