DogFoodCon Session on DDD with ASP.NET MVC

Yesterday I presented at DogFoodCon, giving a slightly modified version of a talk I gave a week earlier atFalafelCON in San Francisco.  The session provides those with little knowledge of Domain-Driven Design with a rapid overview of some key concepts and patterns used in DDD, and wraps up with a brief demo of a simple […]

Wiring Up TimeAgo and ASPNET MVC

Imagine you want to display something on a page so that instead of raw dates, the user is shown something more relative to the current time. You’ve probably seen this in some of the applications you use. “Last Updated: A moment ago” or “about an hour ago”. There are a variety of ways you can […]

Beyond Role Based Authorization in ASPNET MVC

A fairly frequent requirement in applications is to check for authorization to perform an action. At the most basic level, this might just involve seeing if the user is authenticated (at all) or checking a flag to see if they are an Admin. However, more complex requirements frequently include a variety of roles, and it’s […]

Getting Started with Single Page Applications in ASP.NET

One of the new features in ASP.NET MVC 4 (Beta) is a new project template for Single Page Applications (SPA). You can download the latest version of MVC4 from Once you have that installed, get started by creating a new ASP.NET MVC 4 project: You’ll immediately be asked another question about exactly what kind […]

Software Design Best Practices Debate

I’ve been following the discussion on Phil Haack’s blog surrounding how best to introduce polymorphic objects into the MVC framework as part of the framework’s interface for developers to work with. In .NET, there are basically two ways one can build in this polymorphism: interfaces and abstract base classes. There is a very vocal set […]

MVC Getting Started

Scott Hanselman has posted a very well done screencast on getting started with Model View Controller for ASP.NET, which I watched and did all the code for last night. There was only one hangup in the code portion, which has to do with changes that were made post-production to the MvcToolkit. The code given in […]