What’s New in C# 6

What’s New in C# 6

Last month, Brendan Enrick published a short course on What’s New in C#6. He also presented a standing-room-only session on the subject at CodeMash (people were blocked from trying to get in from the hall, the room was so packed). Even though some of these features have been available for a while, a lot of […]

Where to Declare Variables in C# and JavaScript

Both JavaScript and C# belong to the C family of languages. They share curly braces and semi-colons, and in fact there are many cases where the exact same code will execute (correctly, in most cases) as either language. However, there are certain best practices that are unique to each language, and where variables should be […]

Microsoft Version Number Integer Type

Microsoft made some headlines a few years ago when they decided to skip Office 13 and jump straight from Office 12 to Office 14. Recently, they’ve announced Visual Studio “14” CTP, which appears to be doing the same thing: Current Version (Visual Studio 2013): Next Version: I actually wrote about Microsoft’s apparent triskaidekaphobia back in […]

Refactor Request

Not sure if it’s already there, but the folks at DevExpress or JetBrains (or Microsoft, but I don’t want to wait for another VS) should have a refactoring for CodeRush/Refactor! or Resharper that will convert verbose properties into C# 3.5 short properties, like so: Make this:

Into this:


Tweak web.config To Set Compilation Debug False

ASP.NET applications should never run with <compilation debug=”true”> in production. It can have drastic performance implications (of the negative kind). Obviously, in a perfect world, developers would always remember to verify this setting whenever they upload changes to production, but unfortunately many organizations utilize fallible humans in their deployment process, and this is something that […]

Trends in Programming Languages

Al Pascual wrote about some trends he noticed using Google Trend, with regard to different programming languages. It’s an interesting tool, since it can be used to gauge general interest in particular keywords and search terms, as well as news, going back about 4 years. For instance, here’s a comparison of Visual Basic and C# […]

ASP.NET Provider Source Code Install Path

Some months ago, ScottGu announced the availability of source code for the ASP.NET providers. This was great news and a great many comments followed. In preparation for a talk I’m giving this week at DevConnections, I went out to grab the source again to be able to show it off during my talk. But no […]