Slow Script Loading by FireFox with Cassini

Bertrand just posted about a bug I’d encountered before but never tracked down wherein FireFox (and in particular, FireBug) is extremely slow in loading scripts for a local web site running on Cassini (Dev Web Server).  It turns out that the issue has to do with an FF bug trying resolve “localhost” using IPv6.  Dan Wahlin follows up with the fix, describing how to disable IPv6 in FireFox.  Since the issue has to do with name resolution, another workaround is to simply change the URL from using localhost to using

With the bug in place, individual requests typically take over a second.  Using or disabling IPv6 in FireFox results in the expected 5-25ms response times for static local resources.

  • Mehul Harry

    Good tip.

    Btw, does it matter if IPV6 has been disabled at the network os level?

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