Outlook 2007 POP3 Slowness

Outlook 2007 has a number of issues with performance, one of which relates to downloads taking a very long time with POP3 email accounts. Microsoft has recently published a KB article that should fix some scenarios where this occurs, specifically on Windows Vista, which may be caused by network hardware device(s) that do not support a networking feature called TCP Window Scaling.

The short version of this is to run this command as administrator and see if it helps your situation any:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
If not, then probably your Outlook 2007 performance problems have other causes (of which there could be many), but this is worth a shot and known to greatly improve performance in some cases.
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    didnt help,

    i tried to execute the command, but it would says that it couldnt find the command…



    nb, am tired with this outllok 2007, i should go back to 2003…

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    yep, same here— I guess they want to force people to buy ms exchange server. This is a very simple task to Send/rec’ve mail- shouldn’t take 1 hour for a 560kb file. We use Kerio Mail server– They said it was a problem with Outlook 2007 to switch back to 2003 until MS releases a patch! My opinion is MS is releasing there products to soon! Windows XP should of got another Service Pack (SP3) and Vista should still be BETA until they work out all the bugs. It’s now June, 2007 and Server 2003 runs fine- actually excellent, I’m really afraid to see Server 2008 (Longhorn)!!!!

    Outlook Solution is to migrate your mail server to Exchange Server or revert back to Outlook 2003.

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    VISTA- The new Microsoft; a lot of visual effects; eye candy; and for normal users who don’t know about servers, etc..It’s slower than xp, and I just bought one of dell’s flagship laptops with all the bells and whistles. Outlook is constantly trying to fix data files, receiving email is extremely slow- 1 to 2 hours for photo, before vista it took only 30 seconds, programs keep locking up, vista keeps telling me to run as administrator when I am the only one who accesses this laptop, and so on and on with more problems.

    Yes, I am complaining, and yes I should have picked XP instead of Vista when I ordered from Dell.

    Microsoft Vista Side Effects include waste of time; irreversible ill feelings against Microsoft; may cause you to take out your anger on other computers; loss of appetite from being stressed; nausea due to unnecessary visual effects; increase in anxiety from outlook slowness to receive and send mail; loss of sleep due to searching forums to find no answers to vista problems; loss of social interaction due to vistas “experts only” sync center-mobile device center; and because there is no FDA for the Computer World, you will feel depression after first Vista use.

    Sandra P

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    solution (Answer):

    In Outlook 2007 goto Tools>Trust Center>Add-Ins>Click on “Go”>uncheck outlook addin

    If a pop up tells you that you can’t deactivate than do the following:

    For Vista

    Close Outlook>start(MS Symbol)>type “regedit” in the search box (without the quotes)>Than click Continue>Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOfficeOutlookAddinsOutlookAddin.Connect> Export branch(to backup) and delete branch>exit

    Start Outlook 2007, the first time it sends/rec there will be a condsirable difference. Just leave outlook running and when it does its next send/rec it will be just as fast as Outlook 2003.

    Done!!!! You Solution Sandra

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    There isn’t an outlook addin, at least on either my XP or Vista machine. There are problems with addins however. The worst, at least on XP, is the iTunes addin. In typically Apple spew-ware fashion, it reinstalls itself every time there’s an update. While the POP3 implementation is still piss-poor in Outlook 2007, iTunes’s crappy addin makes it much worse.

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    Great man, thanks

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    Just under advanced option/security – disable NTLM auth. That its…

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