Microsoft Atlas Contest

I only mentioned the Made In Express Contest a few minutes ago and now I see there is a contest for Microsoft Atlas, their new AJAX / Web 2.0 framework.

You have a chance to win an XBOX 360 premium and Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphones!

What is it?

This contest is all about creating awesome Mash-up applications using “Atlas” technology. Nothing fancy about it. Download “Atlas” and build a rockin’ cool mash-up application. Be creative. Think outside the box. Do something amazing. This is your chance to get recognize by the ASP.NET team here at Microsoft, to show-off to your peers, to be recognized for excellence.. Oh yea, and win some cool prizes too!

Learn more at the Mash It Up With Atlas Contest Home Page.

  • Freddy Quijada

    The price for this contest is not valuable. If you want the best ideas you must offer the best of the prices. That is nature, anything else is deceit

  • agencja eventowa organizacja imprez


    I have taken part in similar contest. I think the idea is great and i hope to see the results soon ; -)