aspConf 2012 Sessions

Yesterday I presented two sessions for aspConf 2012.  The first was a new talk I haven’t given before on ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices (which I dubbed the Solution to the Solution Problem).  The second one was a talk on Common ASP.NET Design Patterns, which is basically I talk I’ve given for at least a year now on Common Design Patterns, adapted slightly for ASP.NET (mainly MVC).  The slides are shown below.  The sample code for the MVC Solutions talk used a simple Guestbook application found here.  The samples code used in the Design Patterns talk is a fork of the MVCMusicStore application found here.

ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices

Common ASP.NET Design Patterns

Video of the presentations is supposed to go up on Channel 9 at some point – I’ll update this post once that happens.

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