ASP.NET Core Training – June 2016

ASP.NET Core Training – June 2016

ASP.NET Core MVC and RoutingIf you’ve been wondering when the time would come for you to start learning about ASP.NET Core, it’s quickly approaching. ASP.NET Core RC2 should be available some time in the next few weeks, and I’m going to be teaching a 2-day online class on ASP.NET Core June 14-15 2016. The first day will cover ASP.NET Core fundamentals; the second day will offer an overview of ASP.NET Core MVC. Both sessions are 4 hours long, from 1pm to 5pm Eastern Time (10am-2pm Pacific). Space is limited so if you’re interested please register early.

The links above include more details about what will be covered. My intent is for the classes to use the latest Visual Studio 2015 tooling and the RC2 release of ASP.NET Core, but of course if it’s not available by then we’ll use RC1 and I’ll note what’s changing in RC2. I’ll show how to use Visual Studio Code to develop ASP.NET Core apps, as well.

Please share with anybody you think may be interested.

  • Eric Spray

    Will the sessions be recorded to be viewed at a later date?

    • ardalis

      I don’t believe so in this case, though there’s technically nothing preventing you from recording it on your end…

  • Evan T

    Well the sessions be using RC1 or RC2? Thanks.

    • ardalis


  • ngoga

    i have an issue in my application, i am using MSNQ in windows xp installed on my server but when queues came in and i refresh them,,, some goes in the database others no.
    Where can i find those who failed to go in the database