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  • Automotive Gadget Wish List

    A few weeks ago I posted about Ford SYNC, which runs on Microsoft Windows Automotive.  The technology is definitely a step in the right direction, but I have to agree with Sondre, another Regional Director, that it's not enough and really should be nearly ubiquitous by now.  Heck, I was amazed my last car didn't have an aux input for my MP3 player back in 2006.  Here it's two years later and many if not most cars *still* don't have this simple feature. So with SYNC you can do some nice things, like use voice to operate your ZunePod or your bluetooth enabled phone device.  That's quite cool, but there's so much more that you should have in your car, especially if a) you're … more

  • Microsoft Auto and Ford SYNC

    One of the themes of last night's college championship football game (which, sadly, OSU lost, though not quite as badly as a year ago) during the commercials was the new SYNC technology available from Ford and Lincoln Mercury.  I've been peripherally aware of this technology for a while, but these were the first advertisements I'd seen for the actual product.  According to a recent press release, Ford Sync (which is powered by Microsoft Auto) will be available in 12 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in 2008.  This technology will allow users (drivers and passengers) to access their mobile phone or digital music player via voice commands, and will integrate with phones via … more

  • Zune Wishlist

    Zunes, or some similar device, would work great with Windows Media Center.  It would be sweet if they worked as Media Center Extenders, and could use their WiFi capability to play (but not store, necessarily, except in a temporary cache) anything that was on the Media Center server.  So, for instance, I could maintain all of my music on my home Media Center appliance, and then I could use this WiFi MP3 player (perhaps a Zune descendant) to connect to the media center and listen to music from it – even if the MP3 player device had little or not storage of its own. Obviously such a device would only be useful in the house, so most likely it *would* have storage of its own, and … more

  • Zune Doesn't Play When Connected to PC

    [categories: zune]If you have a Zune player that won’t play music while it’s charging (connected to the PC) and instead simply says ‘Connected’ you can correct the problem very easily.  Simply close the Zune software on the PC and the Zune device will wake up and resume functioning as normal (while still charging). more

  • Zune Links

    [categories: zune]I’ve accumulated some links, mostly for video encoding stuff, for the Zune that I’d like to share here. PQDVD – commercial software for DVD ripping.  Also will do DivX and other format converting, but I haven’t used that feature because I didn’t know about it and I only bought the DVD converter.  They offer video and DVD for $39.95, and based on my experience with the DVD tool that would be worth it (to me, anyway) unless some of the free stuff below works nearly as well (which I haven’t determined yet). SUPER – Free video encoding and DVD ripping.  Haven’t used it yet but I’ve downloaded it and it was … more

  • Zune Hacks

    These are some cool links I’ve found for my Zune so far:HOW TO - Copy data off a Microsoft Zune (use as a hard drive) To Bypass The Zune's WiFi Sharing DRM TO – Run Zune Software on Windows Vista Zune now supports Vista:[categories:  zune] more