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  • How Do I Shutdown Windows 8

    With the new Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has made it harder than ever to figure out how to actually shut down your computer.  I think this is due to a major emphasis on the tablet form factor, which one will typically not shut down, or will shut down via a hardware button.  In any event, many desktop and laptop users with Windows 8 installed must figure out how to actually shut down the system from time to time.   Here are some tips that may help, courtesy of my Regional Director friends. The Windows 8 Way You can swipe in from the right, choose the settings gear icon, then the power icon, and then click restart (or shutdown).  It’s a bit convoluted, but … more

  • View Network Status and Listening Ports on Windows with Netstat

    There are plenty of times when you may need to know which applications are running on which ports on your machine.  Some examples of questions this might answer include: How can I see which port my application is running on, so I can forward or open that port in my firewall? How can I see which applications are actively using my network connection? How can I see where applications on my machine are connecting to, whether on my network or on the Internet? If you’re running a Windows system, the netstat command, run from an elevated (Run As Administrator) command prompt can provide a lot of the answers to these kinds of questions.  Like most command line utilities, you can get a lot … more

  • Windows Release Schedule 2008

    For those of you eagerly awaiting Window Server 2008 (formerly Longhorn), especially you ASP.NET types salivating over IIS7, the wait is nearly over.  Today Microsoft has announced that it as released Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 to manufacturing.When Can I Get It?That would seem to be the driving question.  What does Released To Manufacturing (RTM) mean, anyway?  Well, essentially it means it's done and it's in the "pipeline" to get into your eager little hands.  However, even though this is software and not, say, XBox consoles, it still takes some time to print CDs and boxes, put little licensing stickers with holograms and retina scanners … more

  • Consolas Font in Vista

    I've recently been experimenting with other fonts for Visual Studio on Vista after reading this article on new fonts in Vista.  I think I like Consolas better than Courier New for coding, if only for its novelty.  It also tends to be a little bit more compact than Courier New at the same font size, which is nice to keep long lines from wrapping.  Have a look at the difference, see what you think:Consolas Font, 10 pt: Courier New Font, 10 pt: As you can see, the Consolas Font is a fair bit narrower horizontally than Courier New, and I don't find it particularly harder to read, so I really like that.  Horizontal space is always at a premium - one place … more

  • Slashdot Acknowledges Vista More Secure Than Linux

    Wow, even Slashdot, anti-Microsoft capital of the Web, acknowledges that six months after its release, Vista Security is still besting Linux.  From the site: "Great report on security vulnerabilities for MS/Linux/OS X. This is a revised version of the one Jeff Jones did back on March 21: Windows Vista — 90 Day Vulnerability Report. This time he did what the Linux community had asked. Everyone complained that he did the report based on a full Linux distro including optional components, not on just a base OS install. So this time he did both; Vista still came out on top. I was shocked that Apple was even on the list as I believed all those Mac commercials!" Full story. Oddly the … more

  • Free Remote Desktop Manager Tool

    If you remote into many machines, this should appeal to you.  Terminals is a free, open source project on CodePlex that allows much better management of remote desktop connections than the default XP/Vista experience.  Check it out today, it’s a quick download. Free+Tools, Cool+Tools more

  • Reporting Services Plus Vista Equals Pain

    I spent quite a few hours yesterday trying to get Reporting Services to work on my Vista laptop.  It didn’t end up working.  For quite a long time I got a login prompt when trying to go to localhost/reports, which would bomb after 3 tries and had references to several KB articles, including this one: None of the ones listed helped.  I found plenty of others with similar problems.  I made sure to install the December CTP of SQL Server 2005 SP2 but that didn’t help.  I found this newsgroup post that seemed like it might help, but didn’t.  Perhaps it will help someone else. As it stands now, going to … more

  • Offering Remote Assistance on Vista

    Julie showed me how to do this on XP/2003, which helped me figure it out on Vista.  Following her lead, I created some screenshots… First go to your Start/Windows icon and click on Help and Support. Click on Windows Remote Assistance under Ask Someone. Next click Offer to help someone Now you can type in the IP address of the user you’re looking to help, and if they accept your request, you can control their PC and show them how to do stuff or help them troubleshoot a problem.Tags: RDP more

  • Free Office Professional 2007 and Office Groove 2007

    Here’s an exciting announcement related to the upcoming launch events for Windows Vista and Office 2007: Receive your FREE copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and Microsoft Office Groove 2007* when you attend a Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 launch event near you! At a launch event you’ll be able to: ·         Attend breakout sessions for IT professionals and developers ·         Test drive the products and evaluate their functionality ·         Network with peers, , and … more

  • Vista on MSDN

    Windows Vista Ultimate is now available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads.  Nuff said. more

  • Vista, DotNet3 Available

    Just announced: Today Microsoft achieved another significant Vista milestone: the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Business and Enterprise Editions are now available to business and enterprise customers in English. This is exactly one week after the signing off on the RTM bits.    The German and Japanese versions of Vista will go out tomorrow, followed by French and Spanish on Friday. Also, expect a Friday release of Windows Vista Ultimate in English to MSDN.  All 5 languages will be available on MSDN by this Saturday.    Finally, the .NET 3.0 redistributable is available on at … more