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  • IntelliCommand and JustCode

    I’ve been using JustCode regularly, lately, but I’m still learning some of the keyboard shortcuts and features (and probably always will be).  JustCode features a nice view showing all of the common commands that you can access at any time (from the menu, or via ctrl+shift+alt+/): And of course, you can also change these, or even jump to another common set of shortcuts, in the JustCode options: Now, these are all nice features, but something new I learned about recently is a separate Visual Studio extension you can download from the Visual Studio extensions gallery: The extension is called IntelliCommand, which you’ll find if you search Online within Visual Studio: The extension is … more

  • Don’t Forget Block Selection Using Alt in Visual Studio

    So do you ever find yourself wanting to try out some code you found on the Internet (via Copy Past Programming, but in a spike or test project, naturally!), and unfortunately when you copy the code it  includes a bunch of line numbers?  Like the code from this sample on testing Entity Framework stuff? 1: [TestClass] 2: public class TestRunDatabaseCreator { 3:  4: public const string DATABASE_NAME_TEMPLATE = "CPT_CDS_{0}"; 5:  Of course, some code highlighting tools make this a little easier for you, and Scott Hanselman shows off some options.  But in this case, the post was made some time ago, so I don’t think we can rely on the author to change how they’ve … more

  • How To Disable ReSharper in Visual Studio

    Something I’ve had to do from time to time is disable a plug-in in Visual Studio, either permanently or temporarily, such as ReSharper.  Just now was one of those times, and as in the past I had to hunt through a variety of Visual Studio menus in order to find it.  Personally, I think Visual Studio has some work to do on how many kinds of plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions it supports, which I hope I make clear in this post.  However, if Bing/Google brought you here and you just want the answer to the question of how to disable Resharper, the steps are:

    Open Tools >  Options

    Choose the ReSharper option

    Click Suspend

    Some of the things you might try, as … more

  • How to use System.Web in a Console Application

    I’ve been bitten by this and have seen others run into it enough times that I thought I’d blog about it.  Let’s say you’re creating a new Console, WPF, or Windows Forms application in .NET 4.  You’re using Visual Studio 2010, and everything is going great until you get to the part where you wanted to make an HTTP request.  You know you can do this, you’ve done it before, heck, you might even be copying code straight out of MSDN that does what you need.  But it doesn’t compile.   If you try and add a reference to System.Web, you’ll find it’s not there: If you look closely, though, you’ll see at the top of the dialog it says “Filtered to: .NET Framework 4 Client … more

  • Make IIS Express the Default for VS2010 Web Projects

    Here’s a quick tip that will help you leave Cassini in the past where it belongs.  If you’re using VS2010 SP1, you can configure your IDE so that it will automatically choose IIS Express out of the box for new web sites and projects.  There are a lot of good reasons why you should be using IIS Express instead of Cassini / WebDevServer – you can learn more about IIS Express here.  Unfortunately, Cassini remains the default web server for new web projects in VS2010 (unless you change it). To configure an individual web project to use IIS Express after you’ve created it, simply right click on the project in Solution Explorer and choose the Use IIS Express option.  You can … more

  • Visual Studio Tools

    I've been meaning to post something about two awesome and competing toolsets that recently have some news to report.  First, my friends at DevExpress won both the Attendee's Pick : Overall Winner and Breakthrough Product awards at Tech:Ed Developers a couple of weeks ago.  DXperience won the Attendee's Pick.  CodeRush, their productivity-enhancing Visual Studio tool, won the latter award, and you can watch a video of a complete non-computer user shaming a developer (Brendan) last November, here (she also beat me and everybody else who challenged her).  Congratulations, DevExpress! Also new this month, CodeRush/Refactor!'s primary competitor ReSharper (from JetBrains) … more

  • Visual Studio Team System 2008 White Papers

    Microsoft has published a set of white papers which provide a good technical overview of the features available in Visual Studio Team System 2008.  They're available individually for download: Visual Studio Team System 2008 Capabilities White Papers. The papers cover the following subjects, corresponding to features sets and design goals of VSTS 2008: Communicate and Collaborate Drive Predictability Ensure Quality Early and Often Integrate Work Frequently Making Real-Time Decisions Managing Team Workflow Using Familiar Tools I wrote the Integrate Work Frequently paper, which describes some of the new build system features, including the capability to implement Continuous Integration … more

  • Extract Control for ASP.NET in Visual Studio

    I've been posting about some feature requests for ASP.NET/Visual Studio, so here's one more in that thread. One nice feature of Blend is the ability to select a chunk of XAML and choose to "Extract User Control".  The result works very nicely, creating the separate control and inserting the reference to that control into the original XAML document.  It would be very cool if ASP.NET had this same notion, wherein one could select a chunk of ASPX markup and choose "Extract User Control" and have it create the .ascx file for you and insert the reference to that control into the original page. Another nice addition to take this another step further would be the ability to convert an … more

  • Refactor Request

    Not sure if it's already there, but the folks at DevExpress or JetBrains (or Microsoft, but I don't want to wait for another VS) should have a refactoring for CodeRush/Refactor! or Resharper that will convert verbose properties into C# 3.5 short properties, like so: Make this: protected bool isSponsored = false; public bool IsSponsored { get { return isSponsored; } set { isSponsored = value; } } Into this: public bool IsSponsored { get; set; }   Ideally, it should work in two forms: 1) Right click on the property (field name let's say) and offer it as an option in that context. 2) Apply to all properties in a class. And it should only do it if it is safe, of … more

  • SQL 2005 Tools Install Experience is the suck

    Just finished building a couple of ultimate developer rig machines for the office for Brendan and me, and was adding software today.  So I installed Office, Visual Studio 2008, and then SQL Server 2005.  I'd forgotten that installing SQL 2005 client tools seems to require sacrificing a chicken under the right lunar conditions in order to get it right!  I've blogged about this same issue before, but apparently it gets [sarcasm]better[/sarcasm] with x64.I did my due diligence and searched for the answer after the previous steps Brendan outlined failed with Vista 64 and SQL 2005 x64.  I found a blog entry that sounded promising, that involved running setup.exe with … more

  • Visual Studio Shortcuts

    I was doing a bunch of Silverlight last night on a new machine and once again set up my shortcut to basically arrow left in order to let me type in attributes without taking my fingers off of the keyboard and go hunting for arrow keys.  I described this shortcut (and the reason for it) here, and I have to say it increases my speed in typing XAML tremendously.  Whenever you find yourself within quotes and you really want to jump to the next attribute (which happens, oh, every 5 seconds when typing in large amounts of XAML by hand), you can just hit Shift-Space or Ctrl-Space or whatever you configure and it will move the cursor past the closing " of the attribute you're … more

  • Continuous Integration Setup with MSTest

    I'm working with a client this week to set up Continuous Integration for their development environment.  They're a small shop who are using Visual Studio 2008 Professional, and don't intend to upgrade to Team Suite or Team Edition any time soon.  The build environment would therefore be running CruiseControl.NET, not Team Foundation Server.  They're not doing unit testing at the moment, but that's something that's being added as part of the project, so the question because whether to use MSTest, which is built into VS2008 Pro, or another unit test framework like NUnit or MbUnit or csUnit or abcUnit or xyzUnit or whatever.  They were leaning toward MSTest because it's … more