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  • Consolas Font in Vista

    I've recently been experimenting with other fonts for Visual Studio on Vista after reading this article on new fonts in Vista.  I think I like Consolas better than Courier New for coding, if only for its novelty.  It also tends to be a little bit more compact than Courier New at the same font size, which is nice to keep long lines from wrapping.  Have a look at the difference, see what you think:Consolas Font, 10 pt: Courier New Font, 10 pt: As you can see, the Consolas Font is a fair bit narrower horizontally than Courier New, and I don't find it particularly harder to read, so I really like that.  Horizontal space is always at a premium - one place … more

  • Slashdot Acknowledges Vista More Secure Than Linux

    Wow, even Slashdot, anti-Microsoft capital of the Web, acknowledges that six months after its release, Vista Security is still besting Linux.  From the site: "Great report on security vulnerabilities for MS/Linux/OS X. This is a revised version of the one Jeff Jones did back on March 21: Windows Vista — 90 Day Vulnerability Report. This time he did what the Linux community had asked. Everyone complained that he did the report based on a full Linux distro including optional components, not on just a base OS install. So this time he did both; Vista still came out on top. I was shocked that Apple was even on the list as I believed all those Mac commercials!" Full story. Oddly the … more

  • Vista Network Connection Issue Solved

    I've had Vista running since it came out last November.  I've had a couple of Maxtor OneTouch II drives (network type) for the last couple of years, and I noticed immediately after installing Vista that I could no longer connect to them.  I would be prompted for a login and entering in the credentials would fail every time.  The same credentials worked fine from my Windows XP machines, but searching for "vista maxtor onetouch cannot connect" etc. yielded nothing. In a discussion recently on one of the mailing lists I'm on (with lots of people more knowledgeable than I), someone posted a solution to an issue they were having wherein their Vista machine could see some XP … more