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  • MVC Getting Started

    Scott Hanselman has posted a very well done screencast on getting started with Model View Controller for ASP.NET, which I watched and did all the code for last night.  There was only one hangup in the code portion, which has to do with changes that were made post-production to the MvcToolkit.  The code given in the screencast doesn't work, but this simple fix does:<% using (Html.Form<ProjectName.Controllers.HomeController>(x=>x.Update(ViewData.ProductID))) { %> Anyway, Scott really went above and beyond on the production of this video, enough so that I wanted to call special attention to it.  I told him he should do a blog post and/or screencast on … more

  • Excel Pivot Chart from Reporting Services Video

    Last week I wrote about some fun I was having with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Excel.  Well, yesterday I got around to recording a screencast video of how to create Pivot Chart reports using Reporting Services, Excel, and SoftArtisans Officewriter.  You can view it here: Using Reporting Services to Create Excel Pivot Chart Reports with OfficeWriter Check out our list of .NET videos, too — we’re up to a couple dozen now. [categories: video, Reporting Services, SSRS, Microsoft Office] more