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  • Intel Haswell Ultrabook Preview Unit Experience

    I’ve been using my Intel Haswell Ultrabook for about a month now, so it’s time to follow up on my first impressions review. Overview Last month I was happy to receive an Intel Haswell Ultrabook Software Developer Preview device, for review purposes.  This unit is actually the 3rd Ultrabook I’ve used, and certainly it is the best of the three.  The first one, an Asus Zen I got in early 2012, continues to serve me well when I use it, but I was never a great fan of the keyboard or track pad.  It also lacked a touch screen.  Last year, Intel sent me a review unit based on their 3rd generation Ivy Bridge tech.  That unit had a very nice touch screen as well as a host of … more

  • Unboxing and First Impressions of New Intel Ultrabook

    I recently received a preview-hardware next generation Ivy Bridge Ultrabook from Intel, optimized for and pre-installed with Windows 8.  I suspect we’ll be seeing these available in stores and via online outlets soon.  I’m a fan of the Ultrabook brand and concept – thin, sleek, and light, with powerful hardware capable of running developer tools.  I’ve already happily switched away from much heavier and thicker laptops, so getting an early view of what’s coming next for this form factor is definitely exciting for me.  Before I get started, let me make two things clear.  First, this is a pre-production device, which has known problems and is designed to help get … more