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  • Speed Up YouTube Videos

    If you’ve ever wanted to speed up a YouTube video, like you can do with Pluralsight training videos, here’s a quick tip to show you how to do so. Today, I was watching the KendoUI 2013Q1 Release Keynote on YouTube, because I wasn’t able to catch it live.  It’s a little over an hour long, and I’ve become rather spoiled lately by Pluralsight’s video player, which lets you adjust the speed to whatever level you’re comfortable with between 1x and 2x in .1 increments, like so: The iOS app for Pluralsight also supports this, and I usually set it around 1.5 or 1.6, personally. Back on YouTube, the default Flash player has no such controls: However, if you switch to the HTML5 player for … more

  • March 2013 Pluralsight Experiment

    Update: Winner and Results

    The winner of the experiment's prize is Martin Frey (@tinfrey).  You can watch a video of the random drawing here (I'll keep the file up until at least 1 May 2013).

    In terms of the results of the experiment, I would say they were somewhat inconclusive.  I noted in the initial post below that my SOLID course averaged just 78 minutes per unique subscriber in February.  Reviewing the figure, it's actually 77.31 minutes.  In March, during the experiment, this jumped all the way up to 77.42 minutes (almost 7 seconds more!).  Looking at another course, Kanban Fundamentals, the course's per-user viewing time average ranged from 41.9 minutes in … more

  • Training Classes

    If you are interested in custom training, either remotely or on-site with your team, please contact me as I am available for these kinds of engagements.

    I've partnered with Pluralsight to produce a number of training courses that I hope you will find valuable.

    I'll try to keep this list up-to-date, but you can always find my list of courses on their site via my author page.

    Learning Path

    I've created an SVG file with a learning path through these courses - open it with IE and the individual nodes are clickable.  You can view a PNG image of it (not clickable) as well.

    Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals

    This course teaches the fundamentals of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) … more