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  • SQL 2005 Tools Install Experience is the suck

    Just finished building a couple of ultimate developer rig machines for the office for Brendan and me, and was adding software today.  So I installed Office, Visual Studio 2008, and then SQL Server 2005.  I'd forgotten that installing SQL 2005 client tools seems to require sacrificing a chicken under the right lunar conditions in order to get it right!  I've blogged about this same issue before, but apparently it gets [sarcasm]better[/sarcasm] with x64.I did my due diligence and searched for the answer after the previous steps Brendan outlined failed with Vista 64 and SQL 2005 x64.  I found a blog entry that sounded promising, that involved running setup.exe with … more

  • Save SQL Query Results With Column Names

    A minor frustration I've had with SQL Server for years is that when copying the results to Excel, the column names are not included.  Well, Brendan blogged about this yesterday, and in a great demonstration of the value of blogging, he received a comment with the answer to this problem within a couple of hours.  It turns out this can be done by going to Tools - Options - Query Results - Sql Server - Results to Grid - Include column headers when copying or saving results.  Beautiful.  Here's a screenshot if you have problems finding it. more

  • Installing SQL 2005 Management Studio

    I've installed SQL Server on a few dev boxes in my time, and one thing I've noted on several occasion is that even if you check the box during the install to say you want to install all of the client tools, usually they don't install.  You think they installed, the setup dialog said it would install them, but when everything is said and done you don't see anything in the Start-Programs menu except a SQL Configuration option.  What gives? So you install again, only this time the setup dialog tells you nothing's going to change because the client tools were already installed last time.  But they weren't.  Eventually, I've managed to get them installed, but it was usually a … more

  • VS2005 Data Pro Dies on Compile Fix

    I had an issue with VS2005 For DB Pros (the Data Dude SKU) where every time I would build my solution (or that project), VS2005 would simply die.  This was on Vista.  After looking for the answer, I contacted Gert Drapers who informed me of the fix — install the RTM of SQL 2005 SP2 (or just the XMO redist) and the problem’s solved. Thanks, Gert – I hope this helps some others who had a CTP of SP2 installed.Tags: vs2005, dbpro, data+dude more

  • SQL Reporting Services 401 Error

    If you just installed SQL Server Reporting Services and you are getting a 401.1 Unauthorized error when you try to go to the http://localhost/reports this post may help.  I ran into this and was having a heck of a time figuring it out, since I assumed that since my Reporting Services Configuration Tool was all GREEN that I was good to go.  Not so. In my searching I eventually found this post which led me to my old friend, a KB article I’d already found once a week ago when fighting with Reporting Services on Vista.  My search also yielded this (more of the same). I never did get RS working on Vista so tonight’s task was to get it working on a from-scratch XP … more

  • Reporting Services Plus Vista Equals Pain

    I spent quite a few hours yesterday trying to get Reporting Services to work on my Vista laptop.  It didn’t end up working.  For quite a long time I got a login prompt when trying to go to localhost/reports, which would bomb after 3 tries and had references to several KB articles, including this one: None of the ones listed helped.  I found plenty of others with similar problems.  I made sure to install the December CTP of SQL Server 2005 SP2 but that didn’t help.  I found this newsgroup post that seemed like it might help, but didn’t.  Perhaps it will help someone else. As it stands now, going to … more

  • SqlDependency Issue Resolved

    I’m doublechecking my demos for my sessions at DevConnections this week and I think I finally fixed an issue that has plagued me off and on for the last year or more when I’ve been demonstrating the new SQL 2005 SqlDependency features.  It seems like almost half the time, the notifications don’t work when it’s time for me to give the demo, though they work fine when I test them prior to the user group meeting or conference where I am presenting.  The last time this happened I noted that it probably had something to do with my network connectivity since I had tested the demo mere hours before the presentation and it had problems in the Internet-less … more