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  • DogFoodCon Session on DDD with ASP.NET MVC

    Yesterday I presented at DogFoodCon, giving a slightly modified version of a talk I gave a week earlier at FalafelCON in San Francisco.  The session provides those with little knowledge of Domain-Driven Design with a rapid overview of some key concepts and patterns used in DDD, and wraps up with a brief demo of a simple Guestbook application that begins as a monolithic everything-in-the-controller MVC application but is improved using some DDD-based techniques.  The slides are available on Slideshare and embedded here: Add Some DDD to Your ASP.NET MVC, OK? from Steven Smith Both times I gave the talk, I ran out of time to show everything I wanted in the demo (sorry, it’s a big … more

  • DevReach 2013 Recap and Slides

    Last week I had the opportunity to visit Sofia, Bulgaria for the DevReach 2013 conference at which I was once more a presenter.  DevReach is always one of my favorite conferences to speak at, because the food and culture of Bulgaria is great, the attendees come from diverse backgrounds, and the conference planning always goes above and beyond to take care of the speakers.  I found this to be true my first time speaking here in 2008, and it is still true today (which is good, since the event is now run by Telerik, my employer, and I helped with this year’s speaker and session selection). I had a pre-conference workshop on Monday on software engineering that was very well attended: … more

  • Refactoring with SOLID at FalafelCon

    Yesterday I presented at the first ever FalafelCon conference in Mountain View, California.  My session Refactoring with SOLID Principles is now available on SlideShare.  I was a little pressed for time, so I had to cover some of the material quickly.  For more information, I encourage you to check out my SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design course.  There were a couple of questions from the audience about regions and XML comments, and I’ve written previously about my thoughts on these (Regional Differences, When to Comment Your Code).  If you’re looking for the simple demo site I showed along with the presentation, you can find my Guest Book application … more

  • Speaking at FalafelCon

    Hey, California people, I’m coming your way.  I’ll be speaking at FalafelCon 2013 next month about Refactoring with SOLID Principles.  The event is taking place 10-11 June 2013 at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus.  The speaker lineup looks pretty awesome, with keynotes from Scott Hanselman, Stephen Forte, Michele Bustamante, and Tim Huckaby, and tracks covering Web, Mobile, Sitefinity, and TestComplete. My session will briefly cover the SOLID principles of object-oriented design, which you can of course learn more about in my Pluralsight course on SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design.  In addition to discussing each principle, this presentation also demonstrates … more

  • Presenting at Telerik Software Pros Conference in New Delhi India

    Today I gave two sessions at the Telerik Software Professionals Conference in New Delhi, India.  The event is still ongoing (Chris Sells is wrapping up a great talk on building Windows 8 apps with HTML5 and JavaScript), but I wanted to get my talks posted here for attendees to download and review.  I’ve loaded them on Slideshare, so you should be able to view them here, or navigate to Slideshare to get the slides themselves. more

  • Presenting in New Delhi, India

    This Saturday (12 January 2013), I’ll be presenting at the Telerik Developers’ Conference in New Delhi, India.  The event kicks off at 9am – here’s the current plan for the agenda: I’m giving two presentations in the afternoon.  The abstracts are as follows: Refactoring Applications using SOLID Principles We’ve all heard about well-designed software projects, where things aren’t (yet) a big ball of mud that’s painful to work with, but many of us aren’t lucky enough to work on these.  Nor is it an option for us to get to start a brand new “greenfield” project, where we can leave behind the legacy of spaghetti code and technical debt our current project might have. But there … more

  • DevReach 2012 Sessions

    Thanks to everybody who attended my DevReach sessions.  I had two talks and two panels, and both of the talks were standing room only (in the smaller theater), which was great to see.  The panels were both recorded on DotNetRocks and should be published later in October 2012.  I also did a software craftsmanship hands-on workshop before DevReach began, which drew about 20 students who learned via hands-on exercises about TDD, dependency management, and mocking from Phil Japikse and me.  I’ll have a couple more of these workshops coming up later this year, which I’ll post here and/or on my Facebook Page (like to see updates as they are made there), if you’re interested … more

  • aspConf 2012 Sessions

    Yesterday I presented two sessions for aspConf 2012.  The first was a new talk I haven’t given before on ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices (which I dubbed the Solution to the Solution Problem).  The second one was a talk on Common ASP.NET Design Patterns, which is basically I talk I’ve given for at least a year now on Common Design Patterns, adapted slightly for ASP.NET (mainly MVC).  The slides are shown below.  The sample code for the MVC Solutions talk used a simple Guestbook application found here.  The samples code used in the Design Patterns talk is a fork of the MVCMusicStore application found here. ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices ASP.NET MVC Solution … more

  • Common Design Patterns Presentations

    This month I presented on Common Design Patterns at two regional events.  I’ve given this talk a few times before, and it continues to evolve.  The first one was on 4 May at Stir Trek, as a replacement talk for a cancellation.  I only had about 24 hours’ notice so I didn’t spend much time updating the talk, and in fact I had to rip out a bunch of stuff that was specific to the last event I gave it at or outdated information, so visually the slides at Stir Trek weren’t what I would consider up to par.  The second time I presented was last night at MIGANG in Michigan, and I had a chance to give the slides a bit more love and choose some appropriate imagery to support the … more

  • Speaking in Toledo Tonight

    I'll be presenting at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group this evening at 6pm.  The talk will be a slightly modified version of my Black Belt ASP.NET Performance talk that I gave earlier this month at Tech Ed in Orlando.  According to their web site, the user group will also be giving away a Zune to one of the attendees of tonight's meeting (and I have a book and some shirts, too...), so if nothing else, you can come for the free stuff. The main topics covered in this talk are performance testing with load testing tools, caching, and asynchronous programming. more

  • DevConnections Session Feedback

    Last week I just got back my summaries of attendee feedback for my three talks at DevConnections in Orlando in April (yes, they're not quite as efficient as TechEd).  I blogged about them and posted the slides and demos 2 months ago, but I'm finding it useful to also blog about the comments and feedback that I received on them, as a means of helping me to improve my future talks and, I hope, as a way of showing that I actually do read and care about what attendees say on the evals. For my talk on What's New in ASP.NET 3.5 there were 59 evals turned in.  The overall evaluation for the talk was a 3.39 which was slightly below the average of 3.46.  An astonishing 50% of the evals … more

  • Whither NorthWind?

    The Ha recently wrote about his desire to get away from NorthWind and perhaps start some community driven effort to come up with something else, mainly, it seemed to me, for the sake of being something else.  I must humbly disagree with this, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here. The first stated requirement for NotNorthWind is this: Complex enough to be called Real World but simple enough that someone could "get it" in 5-10 minutes That alone is enough for me, as a presenter, to suggest that perhaps this is not a good idea.  I'm a big fan of packing as much content into my presentations as possible.  I like to move quickly and fill up the audience's brain as much … more