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  • Atlas Tripped Over His Own Feet

    Through Lake Quincy Media, we work with a variety of ad management platforms used by our customers.  This is a story about Atlas, as told by our CEO Michelle.  It is not a pleasant story, as a Microsoft customer and evangelist (Microsoft acquired Atlas a little while back), and hopefully there is enough constructive criticism in this story to qualify it as more than a simple rant.  Read on... In our work as an advertising agency, we often find it necessary to work with other media agencies.  It is always an interesting experience, because we learn a lot that we can use to improve the experience that we provide to our own customers.  As with anything, there are some … more

  • Gotta Love Orcsweb

    Does your host do this?  Today I got an IM from one of my support folks at ORCS Web, asking me about one of my dedicated servers on which I have installed SQL Express for a few small web apps.  She had noticed that I'd forgotten to set up any kind of backups for these, and wanted to know if I wanted any.  When I admitted that I'd forgotten to set them up, she just took care of it for me.  How cool is that?  They're also good about letting me know when I have stuff I'm paying for but no longer using - that's called awesome customer service and that's how you can turn customers into fans and evangelists. more

  • Blackberry Pearl 8130

    On Friday I finally broke down and upgraded my aging Samsung i730 PDA phone.  I've been with Verizon for some time and have been pretty happy with their coverage and such, and they were giving me there "new every two" deal of $100 off a new phone (with a 2 year contract...) so I figured what the heck.  I'm probably the last person I know who hasn't at least tried a Blackberry, but now that I have this phone I'm really, really happy with it compared to the Samsung. My Samsung i730 First, let me tell you about the things that were pain points (and some of the good things) with the Samsung.  I bought it in October of 2005, and went through some pain to make it do some of the … more

  • BrowserHawk 11 Released

     CyScape recently announced the latest version of their browser capabilities control, BrowserHawk 11.  While I haven't had a chance to review this new product yet, it touts some new features that at least appear to be pretty compelling.  I use BrowserHawk and CountryHawk for LakeQuincy's advertising solution, AdSignia, to quickly determine each ad request's geographic location, allowing for certain ads to be targeted accordingly.  We also pull some data from the user's browser which we use primarily for statistical analysis (for example, what percentage of our users are running a particular screen size). It's a rock solid and very fast set of products … more

  • Some Outlook Relief Perhaps

    I get a lot of email, like many people in our industry.  A lot of it is SPAM, but it's rare that any of that makes it to my inbox between SpamBayes and server-side anti-spam stuff running at ORCSWeb (the best hosting company around, IMHO).  Nonetheless, I tend to get inundated even with real email that requires my attention, and in order to get much software development work done, I have to turn off Outlook entirely sometimes.  This is sage advice (multi-tasking reduces total productivity - it's in several books like Getting Things Done), but unfortunately for me it only means that when I do open Outlook it's gone and added that many more mails for me to deal … more

  • Murach SQL Server 2005 For Developers

    Recently I picked up a copy of Murach's SQL Server 2005 For Developers, and while I haven’t had a chance to really read it through cover to cover, I have read the first few chapters and skimmed the rest.  It’s a meaty book, and is actually not a first edition as the name might imply but is a third revision book (with a new title) — meaning that there are no glaring holes in it that first-time efforts sometimes have.Ok, so it’s a book on SQL Server 2005, that’s obvious.  But why is it interesting compared to so many other such books?  The main reason is that it is very approachable – there is not a lot of dense text, just simple … more