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  • Free Stock Photos for Presentations

    If you’ve graduated from basic death-by-bullet-point presentations to something that will keep your audience interested, you’ve probably encountered the problem of “where can I find the perfect image to underscore my point,” preferably without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.  I recommend books like Presentation Zen to learn more about how to amp up your presentations, and that book makes some (dated) recommendations for places to go to find images.  I’ve used many different resources for my developer conference presentations and Pluralsight courses, and I thought others would benefit from this list (and probably future me as well, since I frequently find myself referring … more

  • Common Design Patterns Presentations

    This month I presented on Common Design Patterns at two regional events.  I’ve given this talk a few times before, and it continues to evolve.  The first one was on 4 May at Stir Trek, as a replacement talk for a cancellation.  I only had about 24 hours’ notice so I didn’t spend much time updating the talk, and in fact I had to rip out a bunch of stuff that was specific to the last event I gave it at or outdated information, so visually the slides at Stir Trek weren’t what I would consider up to par.  The second time I presented was last night at MIGANG in Michigan, and I had a chance to give the slides a bit more love and choose some appropriate imagery to support the … more