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  • Microsoft Version Number Integer Type

    Microsoft made some headlines a few years ago when they decided to skip Office 13 and jump straight from Office 12 to Office 14.  Recently, they’ve announced Visual Studio “14” CTP, which appears to be doing the same thing: Current Version (Visual Studio 2013): Next Version: I actually wrote about Microsoft’s apparent triskaidekaphobia back in 2008 with the Office naming, and suggested that they consider updating their software frameworks to follow suit (since if 13 is unlucky, it should be worthwhile to keep it out of our computer programs, right?).  They haven’t taken this logical next step yet, so today I’m announcing an open source project you can use to implement Microsoft … more

  • How to Give Feedback on Microsoft Developer Products

    In the last few years, a number of Microsoft dev teams have started using online tools to manage how the community can offer feedback.  If you’re a Microsoft developer, and especially if you’re a web developer, you should know about these tools and offer your feedback through these channels if you’d like Microsoft to respond to your needs.  There are several ways you can offer this feedback, and different reasons why you might choose one channel or another. UserVoice By far the most effective way to get your ideas on the radar of the product teams is through the use of UserVoice forums for the appropriate product or feature.  If the group in question has a UserVoice forum set … more