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  • Principles of Product Development Flow Book Review

    One of the more advanced books I’ve read relating to the subjects of Software Development and Lean is The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development by Donald G. Reinertsen.  I recently published a Pluralsight course on Kanban Fundamentals, and as part of my research for that introductory-level course I read a few related titles, including this one.  I previously reviewed some of the others: Personal Kanban Book Review Kanban Book Review Scrumban Book Review If you were looking into learning more about kanban and lean as it relates to software development projects, I would probably suggest you read them in the order I have listed above, with … more

  • Kanban Book Review

    While researching material for my Kanban Fundamentals video training course on Pluralsight, I read Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business, by David J. Anderson.  I’ve previously reviewed a couple of other related books, including Personal Kanban and Scrumban, if you’re interested in learning more about this topic.  I would recommend Personal Kanban as the most introductory, followed by Kanban, which goes into greater depth and does a good job of building on Personal Kanban (even though it was written first).  Scrumban is more advanced and is a collection of essays/blog posts that are more loosely organized than the other two books. Getting back to … more

  • Reviewing Scrumban the Book

    I’ve been reading a bunch of kanban and lean books recently as I work on my Pluralsight course on Introducing Kanban.  The most recent one I’ve finished is Scrumban, Essays on Kanban Systems for Lean Software Development, by Corey Ladas (I’m doing the reviews in LIFO order).  I made a bunch of notes while reading this book, and it has a great deal of useful information.  I read David Anderson’s Kanban book first, followed by Benson and Barry’s Personal Kanban.  I think reading Scrumban last was definitely the right choice, though if I were recommending these books today I would most likely suggest someone start with Personal Kanban, as it’s the lightest weight of the … more