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  • IntelliCommand and JustCode

    I’ve been using JustCode regularly, lately, but I’m still learning some of the keyboard shortcuts and features (and probably always will be).  JustCode features a nice view showing all of the common commands that you can access at any time (from the menu, or via ctrl+shift+alt+/): And of course, you can also change these, or even jump to another common set of shortcuts, in the JustCode options: Now, these are all nice features, but something new I learned about recently is a separate Visual Studio extension you can download from the Visual Studio extensions gallery: The extension is called IntelliCommand, which you’ll find if you search Online within Visual Studio: The extension is … more

  • JustCode JustRocks

    I have been a ReSharper fanboy for a long, long time.  I have recommended it in user group and conference talks and on my blog.  It was one of my favorite tools for a long time, and it remains a great product.  However, I’m happy to say with all honesty that I now prefer JustCode.  This is fortunate, as I now work for the company that makes JustCode, but I’ve held off on endorsing it (or completely replacing ReSharper in my actual work) until I felt it really met my needs.  That day has come.  Let me share with you why I’m now a convert. Must-Have Refactorings There are a few refactorings that I use all the time because of the way I write testable, maintainable … more