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  • Configuring Web Apps To Behave Like Native Apps on iOS

    There are a number of things you can do with your web-based application to have it behave like a native iOS application.  One of these I mentioned previously, which is to disable the user’s ability to zoom in and out using pinch gestures.  In addition, you can hide the Safari user interface “chrome” so that the user is unaware they’re in a browser.  You can also add splash screens and customize the icon that is shown when users add the web application to their device’s home screen. Hide Safari Browser UI This is referred to as “standalone mode” for your web application, and is accomplished with this meta tag: <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" /> … more

  • How Do I Disable Zoom in an iPad iPhone Mobile Web App?

    If you’re building web-based applications for mobile devices like the iPad/iPhone and you want to mimic native applications’ look and feel and experience, one thing you may want to do is disable the pinch zoom gesture.  Most native applications don’t offer support for this, but of course most mobile browsers currently do, so a sure way for users to tell that they’re actually viewing a web page is to let them resize the page easily using these gestures.  To disable the pinch zoom, you can simply specify an identical starting and maximum scale.  This is achieved by adding a viewport meta tag to the page or site in question, like so: <meta name="viewport" … more