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  • Surface Computing

    A new tool coming from Microsoft soon will allow users to work on a tabletop surface as a computer interface.  Watch this video – it’s very cool.  I can totally see having one as a coffee table in a living room or home theater room that controls all of the media (or even the whole house), as well as in conference rooms in offices, etc. [categories: hardware] more

  • Alienware End Of Life - What? So Soon?

    I own an Alienware m7700 17” beast of a notebook computer.  I bought it in December of 2004 as my big splurge after returning from a tour in Iraq (my buddies were all buying cars and Harleys, so I figured a laptop for work and games was pretty conservative in comparison).  It worked as advertised, and was fabulous for playing Counterstrike and other games throughout 2005 and as a development machine (2GB of RAM helped here).  I figured when I bought it that, being top of the line, it should serve for 2–3 years as a primary machine and then could live out its days as a secondary machine to use if a friend came over to game or I needed a machine to use as a test box … more