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  • Verizon Crippled My Blackberry Pearl

    A few weeks ago I upgraded my phone to a Blackberry Pearl 8130.  Overall I was (and am) very happy with the phone.  It's small, light, has enough battery power to last about two days given my usage, and it's a breeze to check email and the web.  However, one of the reasons I liked this phone (which I mentioned in my previous post) is that it comes with a GPS.  I'm an ex-Army guy and I've always had a thing for GPS's and navigation - they're just fun, and quite often, useful.  So I was looking forward to seeing how fast the GPS said my car was going or finding out the exact coordinates of various places, etc. Unfortunately, after trying in vain to get my GPS to work … more

  • Blackberry Pearl 8130

    On Friday I finally broke down and upgraded my aging Samsung i730 PDA phone.  I've been with Verizon for some time and have been pretty happy with their coverage and such, and they were giving me there "new every two" deal of $100 off a new phone (with a 2 year contract...) so I figured what the heck.  I'm probably the last person I know who hasn't at least tried a Blackberry, but now that I have this phone I'm really, really happy with it compared to the Samsung. My Samsung i730 First, let me tell you about the things that were pain points (and some of the good things) with the Samsung.  I bought it in October of 2005, and went through some pain to make it do some of the … more