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  • DevReach 2013 Recap and Slides

    Last week I had the opportunity to visit Sofia, Bulgaria for the DevReach 2013 conference at which I was once more a presenter.  DevReach is always one of my favorite conferences to speak at, because the food and culture of Bulgaria is great, the attendees come from diverse backgrounds, and the conference planning always goes above and beyond to take care of the speakers.  I found this to be true my first time speaking here in 2008, and it is still true today (which is good, since the event is now run by Telerik, my employer, and I helped with this year’s speaker and session selection). I had a pre-conference workshop on Monday on software engineering that was very well attended: … more

  • DevConnections Session Feedback

    Last week I just got back my summaries of attendee feedback for my three talks at DevConnections in Orlando in April (yes, they're not quite as efficient as TechEd).  I blogged about them and posted the slides and demos 2 months ago, but I'm finding it useful to also blog about the comments and feedback that I received on them, as a means of helping me to improve my future talks and, I hope, as a way of showing that I actually do read and care about what attendees say on the evals. For my talk on What's New in ASP.NET 3.5 there were 59 evals turned in.  The overall evaluation for the talk was a 3.39 which was slightly below the average of 3.46.  An astonishing 50% of the evals … more

  • Going Solo Birds of a Feather Follow Up

    Last week I co-hosted a birds-of-a-feather session with Julia Lerman on Going Solo.  Julie and I did a similar BOF session a couple of years ago at another TechEd and both times we've gotten a pretty good crowd.  In an effort to continue the conversation and help people learn about the challenges of running your own business (be it consulting, ISV, or whatever), we are pointing anyone interested at the Business Management mailing list on  So, whether you made it to the BOF session or not, if you're interested in learning more about tips and pitfalls of life as an entrepreneur, come join the discussion on the list. more

  • Black Belt ASP.NET Performance Talk

    I gave my Tech Ed presentation, ASP.NET Black Belt Performance Techniques, yesterday afternoon.  The talk was well-attended, with about 300 372in the audience.  I gave the talk last month in Cleveland and it was very well-received.  I promised attendees the slides and demos would be available on Tech Ed's CommNet, and right now the slides are but I'm having trouble getting the demos uploaded so I'm also posting everything here: Download DemosDownload PPT I wasn't terribly happy with my performance with this talk, and the overall evaluation average for it was 7.84, which is pretty respectable (based on evaluations from 1 to 9 in a few categories) - the best talks at the show … more

  • GeekFest Party at TechEd 2008 June 3rd

    Doug Seven of Microsoft is hosting a party at Howl at the Moon during TechEd on June 3rd.  He has some details on his blog and the party will include (and require for admission) a rubber duck competition.  You'll need to pick up your duck for admission at the Teched Technical Learning Center at the Developer Tools & Languages information desk.  One duck will admit two people so bring a friend! more

  • TECHbash is Coming to PA

    In just 10 days (May 10th, 2008), TECHbash 2008 will kick off in northeastern Pennsylvania.  The show has been around since 2005 and will include several hundred developers, IT professionals, and industry experts from PA and surrounding states.  Joe Stagner from Microsoft will be giving the keynote and my company, Lake Quincy Media, is one of the sponsors of the show. Speakers will include MVPs Miguel Castro, Sam Gentile, and many more.  Jason Gaylord (who runs the .NET Valley User Group) is one of the primary organizers of the event and has done a very good job. more

  • MIX08 Day One

    After some difficulty getting to MIX, due to freezing rain in Cleveland Tuesday afternoon that resulted in all flights being cancelled, Craig and I arrived at MIX Wednesday morning in time to catch the last 20 minutes or so of ScottGu's keynote.  It was worth watching, as Scott was being cast for a performer position in Cirque du Soleil, for which he demonstrated his mad juggling skills.  The bit was entertaining if nothing else.  Unfortunately, we missed the advertising demos that Vertigo had put together which were shown earlier in the keynote, but I'll be sure to watch them later as the keynotes and sessions are all available on the MIX website. Most of Wednesday I spent … more

  • Spring ASP.NET Connections Sessions

    I'll be speaking again at the spring ASP.NET Connections show, in Orlando, Florida.  We're driving down from Ohio with the family again, something we haven't done since four years ago, when we returned to find out I was being called up to go to Iraq.  I'm completely out of the Army now (resigned commission - honorable discharge - as of December 2005), so at least we don't have to worry about that. I'm fortunate enough this go-around to have all of my talks in one day.  I don't recall that's ever happened before in the last 7 or so years I've been speaking at this show, but I'm looking forward to it as it means I'll be able to spend Wednesday with the family.  However, the … more

  • CodeMash Hanselman IIS Talk

    I'm at CodeMash today and Scott Hanselman gave the afternoon keynote on IIS7 mashups.  The talk was preceded by a very funny introduction Scott gave that introduced me to the LOLCode.NET language with the help of some LOLCats and humorous sample code.  The talk focused on how to hook up a PHP application in IIS7, and then enhance it with a few features by adding modules to the HTTP pipeline.  For instance, authentication using ASP.NET Forms authentication was trivial to add.  Url rewriting and response filters came next, also with HTTP modules managed through IIS7.  Finally, output caching was added which naturally boosted the performance of the application by … more

  • Attending CodeMash 2008

    I'll be attending CodeMash again for its second year, at the Kalahari Resort in Ohio.  Last year it was a great local conference and this year I expect it will be even better.  The conference is uniqe in its approach in that it combines a wide variety of developer technologies in one place, and encourages crossover for all attendees.  In this way I believe it is somewhat similar to MIX, but as I've had the misfortune of missing MIX the last couple of years (but I'm going this year!), I can't say from personal experience. Anyway, I'm going to be at CodeMash just on Thursday.  I plan to attend some sessions, probably catch ScottHa's keynote, perhaps be part of a discussion … more

  • Fall DevConnections Session Comments

    I've been speaking at the DevConnections conferences since Fall of 2001 and have really enjoyed the experience.  The speakers are a great group of people to hang out with, Shirley and Erik and Paul and the rest of the team put together a very well-organized event, and this last show was very impressive in terms of its attendance and breadth of content.  Over the years, the level of feedback speakers receive, in terms of how the evaluations turned in by attendees are handled, has steadily improved.  In the last couple of years, we've been given a very good summary of how the evaluations came in, and I thought (in keeping with my goal #1 from my last post) that I would share … more