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  • How to Give Feedback on Microsoft Developer Products

    In the last few years, a number of Microsoft dev teams have started using online tools to manage how the community can offer feedback.  If you’re a Microsoft developer, and especially if you’re a web developer, you should know about these tools and offer your feedback through these channels if you’d like Microsoft to respond to your needs.  There are several ways you can offer this feedback, and different reasons why you might choose one channel or another. UserVoice By far the most effective way to get your ideas on the radar of the product teams is through the use of UserVoice forums for the appropriate product or feature.  If the group in question has a UserVoice forum set … more

  • Speaking in Toledo Tonight

    I'll be presenting at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group this evening at 6pm.  The talk will be a slightly modified version of my Black Belt ASP.NET Performance talk that I gave earlier this month at Tech Ed in Orlando.  According to their web site, the user group will also be giving away a Zune to one of the attendees of tonight's meeting (and I have a book and some shirts, too...), so if nothing else, you can come for the free stuff. The main topics covered in this talk are performance testing with load testing tools, caching, and asynchronous programming. more

  • Announcing DevMavens

    This month marks the launch of a new site we’ve been working on to help recognize and support a number of influential bloggers in the .NET developer community.  Please help me welcome the initial members of the DevMavens!  These bloggers have been invited to be a part of this small but hopefully growing group based on their influence in the community, and the DevMavens site has been set up (using ASP.NET MVC, no less) specifically to provide a portal to reach these influentials.  It aggregates and displays their most recent blog and twitter entries, and will hopefully provide a useful, easily accessible view of these influentials for the community. We’re very … more

  • Going Solo Birds of a Feather Follow Up

    Last week I co-hosted a birds-of-a-feather session with Julia Lerman on Going Solo.  Julie and I did a similar BOF session a couple of years ago at another TechEd and both times we've gotten a pretty good crowd.  In an effort to continue the conversation and help people learn about the challenges of running your own business (be it consulting, ISV, or whatever), we are pointing anyone interested at the Business Management mailing list on  So, whether you made it to the BOF session or not, if you're interested in learning more about tips and pitfalls of life as an entrepreneur, come join the discussion on the list. more

  • Ohio Day of .NET

    Several user groups in southern and central Ohio are putting together a Day of .NET event this spring.  The Central Ohio Day of .NET 2008 will take place on 19 April 2008, in Wilmington, Ohio.  This was originally the Cincinnati-Dayton Code camp and ran in 2006-2007, but now includes a Columbus, OH group and so has been renamed.  The location is about as centrally between Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus as you can get, off of 71. The event is still in the planning stage and they're looking for sponsors and speakers, so if you're in the area and want to participate, please get in touch with them. more

  • Attending CodeMash 2008

    I'll be attending CodeMash again for its second year, at the Kalahari Resort in Ohio.  Last year it was a great local conference and this year I expect it will be even better.  The conference is uniqe in its approach in that it combines a wide variety of developer technologies in one place, and encourages crossover for all attendees.  In this way I believe it is somewhat similar to MIX, but as I've had the misfortune of missing MIX the last couple of years (but I'm going this year!), I can't say from personal experience. Anyway, I'm going to be at CodeMash just on Thursday.  I plan to attend some sessions, probably catch ScottHa's keynote, perhaps be part of a discussion … more

  • Facebook and Scoble Square Off

    Like so many others have noted, I think 2008 and the next few years will see a shakeup in some of the "web 2.0" and social networking community sites.  As evidence of this, I just read that Robert Scoble has run afoul of Facebook for running an automated script to suck down all of his contacts' information, something prohibited by Facebook.  As a result, they've apparently disabled his account.  There's a good writeup of this on Adotas (from computerworld):  Scoble Kicked Off Facebook for Downloading Content Of course, such publicity is bad for Facebook, so not surprisingly, they've already re-enabled his account, according to another post on Robert's blog. As a user of … more

  • Cool Apps from Microsoft

    I attended the Cleveland .NET SIG last night, where Jeff Blankenburg (my new Developer Evangelist) gave a demo-rich presentation on some cool new(ish) applications Microsoft has been working on this year.  Most of them I'd already seen, but it was a good presentation and parts of it were new to me (like the Seadragon Video), and the audience was duly impressed.  Here's a rundown of what was covered - Jeff has promised the slides (minimal though they were) on his blog soon. Microsoft Popfly - A way to write applications that combine data from different services and web sites and presents it in unique ways, without writing any code.  It lets end users build mash-up … more

  • Speaking in Ann Arbor November 14th

    I'll be presenting to the Ann Arbor .Net Developer's Group in two weeks on ASP.NET Caching Best Practices.  The meeting starts at 6pm at SRT Solutions in Ann Arbor.  You can find more information about the group and meeting location here: more

  • Microsoft Fans - Raise Your Hand

    I have trouble, as a long time Microsoft developer community member and (dare I say) community leader, believing that someone could miss the fact that there are Microsoft communities and, by extension, community members and fans.  I would definitely consider myself a fan of Microsoft’s products.  I’m not lacking in criticism when there are things that are broken, mind you, but overall I’d definitely classify myself as a fan.  And, of course, I know I’m not alone.  I know a lot of other Microsoft fans.  I know there are thousands of them on the AspAdvice mailing lists and forums.  I know there are tens of thousands of them on the ASP.NET … more

  • MVPs and Losing or Keeping One's MVPness

    Frans Bouma weighed in on the recent discussion revolving around several prominent .NET developer types who did not receive MS MVP awards for this year (awards were given October 1st).  If the Microsoft MVP program, or this recent discussion, interests you, you should really read Frans' post.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  more