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  • CruiseControl.NET Caching Old Project Locations SOLVED

    As I mentioned in my previous post, we're just wrapping up a continuous integration solution for a client (and if you're not using this for your team, you should be.  If you don't have time to do it, contact us to do it for you.  You'll thank me later.) and one of the last requirements changes was an update to where on the build server's hard drive the project files should reside once they're checked out from source control.  After making this change in the file for the various ccnet projects, and also making the change in the source control provider's working folder association for the build account username, I figured things would just work.  I forgot … more

  • Continuous Integration Setup with MSTest

    I'm working with a client this week to set up Continuous Integration for their development environment.  They're a small shop who are using Visual Studio 2008 Professional, and don't intend to upgrade to Team Suite or Team Edition any time soon.  The build environment would therefore be running CruiseControl.NET, not Team Foundation Server.  They're not doing unit testing at the moment, but that's something that's being added as part of the project, so the question because whether to use MSTest, which is built into VS2008 Pro, or another unit test framework like NUnit or MbUnit or csUnit or abcUnit or xyzUnit or whatever.  They were leaning toward MSTest because it's … more

  • Use Unit Test Framework to Test Production DB Consistency

    For Lake Quincy Media's AdSignia Ad Server, I wanted to be able to ensure that the database had some internal logic rules checked periodically.  What kinds of rules?  Well, probably an example would be best.  Suffice to say up front, though, that we're talking about more than NOT NULL or enforcing referential integrity.  For example, part of the ad engine's job is to redirect requests to ads to their destination URL on the advertiser's page.  These URLs are stored in a field in the database.  Occasionally, through cut-and-paste, there would be newlines in the URL field, which would be difficult to detect visually, but which would cause the redirect to … more

  • CIO Magazine on Agile Development

    The latest issue of CIO Magazine has a featured article on Getting Clueful: 7 Things CIOs Should Know About Agile Development.  It includes quotes from a bunch of developers, including some names you'll surely recognize if you follow Agile discussions at all, like Scott Ambler.  In addition to gurus like Scott, there's also yours truly in there, talking up the value of well-tested code as a long term gain on a short term investment.  If you're trying to adopt some agile practices within your organization, and expecially if you're looking to incorporate test driven development or continuous integration, this article might provide some good supporting evidence for your case with … more

  • Cruise Control Configuration File Editor

    One of my developers is doing some work on our Cruise Control setup and found this gem that I'd somehow missed: CCNetConfig.  A slick little GUI for editing your ccnet.config file (screenshots).  Seems to work well enough for most of the common settings - I haven't used it enough myself yet to really fully review or evaluate it, but the project seems to be pretty active, and it's open source so if you really need something to work, you could always add it... more

  • Fixed: CCNET + MSBUILD Logger Error

    Ran into a snag this weekend with my build server - it started throwing errors related to the path to a folder, like this: .MSBUILD : error MSB4015: The build was aborted because the "MsBuildToCCNetLogger" logger failed unexpectedly during shutdown. System.ArgumentException: The path is not of a legal form. at System.IO.Path.NormalizePathFast(String path, Boolean fullCheck) at System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(String path) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteErrorsOrWarnings(XmlWriter w, String type, IEnumerable list) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteProject(XmlWriter w, Project p) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteLog(XmlWriter w) at … more

  • Plasma v1.0 Release Available

    Plasma is an ASP.NET in-memory web server emulator that can be used for ASP.NET unit testing or automation.  Its initial codebase was written by Microsoft and its current incarnation is a community project licensed under the Microsoft Permissive License.  I’ve been working on the project with several others and have just put the initial release out on the CodePlex project site.  There are a lot of enhancements that have already been made that are not in this release, but I wanted to get the basic, vanilla implementation out there first, and then (hopefully soon) put out a 1.1 release with some of the many optimizations that we’ve already made.  Unfortunately, … more

  • DevConnections Fall 2006 Summary

    Got back home last night from DevConnections in Las Vegas.  It was a very good show this year in terms of content, products being launched, and numbers of attendees and exhibitors.  I think I had more people in my sessions than usual, too, and they all went well (i.e. the demos worked, nobody threw tomatoes at me).The keynote on Monday night suffered a bit from some audio issues and in general wasn’t as tremendously exciting as I thought it should have been given that ASP.NET AJAX Beta 2 was announced, along with Office 2007 and Sharepoint 2007 and, I believe, .NET 3.0.  Perhaps the sheer volume of announcements of products being released made it difficult to build buzz … more