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  • Moving a Site to Windows Azure in 5 Easy Steps

    One of my sites is currently having issues where it’s currently hosted.  They’re resolved by restarting the application, but that’s gotten tedious and I simply don’t have time to invest in troubleshooting this particular site.  And, oh hey, those MSDN Windows Azure benefits keep looking shiny like I should play with them.  So, I figure I’ll try moving the site to Azure and see if miraculously that fixes the problem. Step One: Activate Azure Benefit Sign into your account with your MSDN Subscription, and click the Activate Windows Azure link: Fill out the form, which will require a credit card and a mobile device (that can receive text messages) to complete. Step Two: Connect … more

  • Windows Azure June 2012 Update Required Reading

    Today (right now as I type this) Microsoft has unveiled a TON of new features that are launching as part of Windows Azure.  If you’d like to learn more about these announcements and services, here’s the short list of blog posts you’ll want to read/skim: Scott Hanselman – Windows Azure – No Kidding Scott Guthrie – Meet the New Windows Azure Bill Laing – Announcing New Windows Azure Services to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Jason Zander – Announcing the June 2012 Release of Windows Azure SDK S. Somasegar – Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows Azure SDK Brian Harry – Continuous Deployment to Azure with Team Foundation Service LightSwitch Team – Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with VS 2012 These … more