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  • ASP.NET AJAX Download Performance Improvement Request

    I'm a big fan of ASP.NET AJAX in general, but one concern I have and something that has forced me to use other technologies is the size of the library.  It's about 85kb when compressed and unfortunately that is quite large if you're trying to include it on most every page on a site (or, much much worse, every advertisement in a large Microsoft developer advertising network).  One can certainly argue that this will be cached, and that is true, but for many sites that get most of their traffic from search engines (ASPAlliance gets over 70% of its traffic from this), you have to assume that many users will not have the .js file cached, and that is a significant increase in the total … more

  • LINQ and the new DevExpress Grid

    Mehul has a couple of screencasts up on his blog that demonstrate how to use their new LINQ datasource to do optimized paging/updating of their ASPxGridView control.  At just over 2 minutes, the screencast does a very good job of showing how easy it is to set up LINQ to SQL (not that that hasn't been done before, but the more times you see it, the more likely it will stick).  That's more than half the time, then there's just a few mouse clicks to wire up the Grid control with the DataSource control, and you can see the thing in action. I've seen demos of DevExpress's data transfer technology and it's really sweet because it only sends the bare minimum of data on the wire both to … more

  • AJAX Control Toolkit Update Released

    Yesterday (Leap Day), the Ajax Control Toolkit team released an update to the toolkit.  This release comes in two flavors, one for the 3.5 framework (which has AJAX baked into ASP.NET 3.5) and one for the AJAX 1.0 release that is an add-on to ASP.NET.  As always you can run through the live demos of the controls here.  This release does not add any new controls, but does include a number of bug fixes and improvements, including a bunch of user-submitted patches (learn how you can submit you own patches). My favorite controls in the Ajax Control Toolkit remain the AutoComplete, the CollapsiblePanel, and the TextBoxWatermark.  I use this a lot in my applications.  I … more

  • Trends in Programming Languages

    Al Pascual wrote about some trends he noticed using Google Trend, with regard to different programming languages.  It's an interesting tool, since it can be used to gauge general interest in particular keywords and search terms, as well as news, going back about 4 years.  For instance, here's a comparison of Visual Basic and C# using common search terms for each (VB, VB.NET vs. C#, CSharp): Given just these search terms, it's clear that VB/VB.NET is on a downward trend, with C#/CSharp passing it in mid-2006.  Expand this a bit further to include "visual basic" and "c #" and "c sharp" and you get the following: Visual Basic is still a huge search term in its own right … more

  • DevConnections Afterthoughts and Presentations

    I got back from DevConnections yesterday at 7am (took the redeye flight), after being gone since Saturday.  I'm glad to be home, and I know it will be a few days before I'm even close to caught up on everything that fell behind while I was in Vegas.  The show was great, though, and this is sort of my summary of the last week. I flew in early for DevExpress's TechSummit, which included about 20 other guests and about a dozen members of the DevExpress team.  It was great to get to spend some time with these guys, many of whom I'd met before (like DevinDustin and Mark) and a few whom I hadn't (like Oliver).  I already blogged about this, so I'll avoid repeating myself here, … more

  • Render User Control as String Template

    Scott Guthrie has a great example of how to use an ASP.NET user control as a template which one can dynamically bind to data and then pull the results out as a string.  One place this is useful is in AJAX scenarios in which you want to replace the contents of a region of the page with the rendered output of a user control.  I'm using this very successfully in Lake Quincy Media AdSignia for our dashboard pages, to enable me to load the page instantly and then dynamically fetch the individual charts and dashboard controls asynchronously via ASP.NET AJAX.  I'll be writing up a full article on this whole process soon, but for now I just want to show my version of ScottGu's … more

  • AJAX Control Toolkit Update September 2007

    The AJAX Control Toolkit just released a new version for September 2007.  You can get version 10920 now from CodePlex.  This release is meant to improve the stability and quality of the controls and includes a bunch of fixes both at the general and control-specific level.  There are no new controls in this release.  You can view live demos of the toolkit controls on the AJAX Control Toolkit Sample Site. more

  • Microsoft Health Common User Interface

    I recently heard about a set of controls that is being made freely available via CodePlex with the goal of improving the usability and consistency of medical software applications.  The Microsoft Health Common User Interface (CUI) includes a suite of rich controls and guidance for building user interfaces that follow a standard approach to user interface design.  The CodePlex Project for MSCUI includes the controls library.  The controls are freely available and open source, so they provide a great value beyond just health care applications, since they include commonly required items like a DateInputBox and a TimeInputBox.  The controls are available as both WebForms and … more

  • Wait for ASP.NET AJAX Book Finally Over

    The wait for Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX is finally over.  The folks who camped outside of bookstores all night to be the first ones to own these beauties were  rewarded today.  Shortages were reported in some parts of the country as mobs of excited .NET developers made the iPhone launch seem like just another over-hyped gadget for sale.  You can learn more about the book online here.   Fortunately, as with the iPhone before it, supplies of this must-have technical bible have not run out.  Even if you were unwilling to pay some teenager to wait in line for your copy (assuming your time was too valuable to waste waiting in line yourself), you can still find … more

  • ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released Today

    Today, Microsoft released ASP.NET AJAX 1.0.  You can download it, as well as the latest AJAX Control Toolkit and Futures January CTP, from  Kudos to the ASP.NET team for making this happen!  I know a lot of web applications have been waiting for this day to go live with their AJAX implementations, including several of my own projects which should be upgraded in the next day or two. The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit includes the following new controls: AutoComplete: The much-requested control that provides suggestions to complete input typed in a textbox Calendar: Client-side calendar control MaskedEdit: Control to enforce input entered into a text box is … more

  • DevConnections Keynotes

    Scott Guthrie's keynote this morning covered a few ASP.NET AJAX features.  It was impressive to see how quickly he was able to move around during his demo and literally create the sample applications from scratch.  He also showed some screenshots of the upcoming Expresion Suite, which looks sweet (pun intended) and, more importantly, will have a large amount of its functionality included in Visual Studio (split-screen design/source mode, CSS refactoring, javascript intellisense and syntax checking, etc.).   Published with blogmailr more