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  • Trends in Programming Languages

    Al Pascual wrote about some trends he noticed using Google Trend, with regard to different programming languages.  It's an interesting tool, since it can be used to gauge general interest in particular keywords and search terms, as well as news, going back about 4 years.  For instance, here's a comparison of Visual Basic and C# using common search terms for each (VB, VB.NET vs. C#, CSharp): Given just these search terms, it's clear that VB/VB.NET is on a downward trend, with C#/CSharp passing it in mid-2006.  Expand this a bit further to include "visual basic" and "c #" and "c sharp" and you get the following: Visual Basic is still a huge search term in its own right … more

  • Code Query Language you ever wanted to run some metrics on your code base, to try and gauge its quality or to try and find bad practices?  There are some tools out there for such static analysis, such as FxCop and the built in tools in VSTS, as well as SSW's regular expression based Code Auditor Tool.  However, another approach, using a Code Query Language, seems to have a lot of potential.  You can read the specification here: For instance, one issue I have with some code analyzers is that they complain about generated code that was produced by third party tools that I have no control over.  With CQL, excluding such … more

  • Generics FAQs on MSDN

    Juval Lowy has recently published a series of FAQs on Generics on MSDN.  Find them here: ·         Fundamentals ·         .NET Framework ·         Tool Support ·         Best Practices There's over 100 pages of content there with code samples in C#, VB, and MC++ (not just translations, but coded specifically in each language). more

  • New Site: DotNetSlackers

    A new site I'm using to push me updates of interesting blogs is  Sign up for their mail service, and you'll get a single daily email with that day's posts arranged by keyword category.  I've been pretty lax in firing up my RSS aggregator client, so this is a good way for me to at least make sure I'm not missing anything big in the .NET blogging world.  Another similar site worth checking out, if you're a VB-er, is, although I'm a bit late in announcing that one. more

  • Cool Features in VBNext

    I was a VB developer for several years (VB5/6) before .NET came on the scene, and I started doing most of my work in C# (though I still can do VB in a pinch, and often need to translate to/from it for articles, etc.).  I've been learning all about LINQ this summer at Tech Ed, PDC, MVP Summit, etc. and it's largely being pushed by Anders and the C# team, which kind of implies that it's mainly a C# oriented technology (although they do say it will "also" work on VB).  Today I saw LINQ once more, but this time presented by a member of the XML team whose language prefernce is VB, and during (and following) the presentation he demonstrated a number of cool things VB is likely to support … more