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  • Orcas VPC TimeBombedBase Missing

    I downloaded the Orcas Visual Studio Beta 1 VPC from MSDN yesterday and stitched all of the zip files together, and launched it.  Ran into the dreaded: “E:\VPC\TimeBombedBase\Base01.vhd” could not be found message.  If you run into the same thing, you can find others with the same issue easily enough. The solution is to download the VSCTPBase.exe file from here.  Extract the Base01.vhd file and then point to that as the base for your Orcas VPC.  It’s working great for me now. more

  • Your Computer On Your Thumb Drive

    Something I’ve wanted for a while now is the ability to keep my computer, or at least my email and some other critical files, on a USB drive — the ultimate in “ultra-portable” — which I could then use from any computer.  I’ve been considering VirtualPC for this but any reasonable VPC image with Windows, Office, etc. is upwards of 6GB and requires that VirtualPC be installed on the host machine to run (not to mention the system and memory requirements).  So today I was pointed to MojoPac, which sounds like it might solve this problem. From their site: MojoPac is a technology that transforms your iPod or other USB storage device into a portable and … more

  • VSTS Overview Talk at Wayne State University

    I gave a presentation on Visual Studio Team System last night to about 30 students at Wayne State University in Detroit.  I don’t think it was one of my better presentations, for a number of reasons, which I’ll lament here and attempt to improve in the future. First off, this was an earlier presentation than most of the INETA talks I give, and was scheduled to start at 5pm.  I scheduled my flight into Detroit to arrive at 2:30pm which was really plenty of time.  I wanted to get to the room to present around 4:30pm so I could get set up, make sure everything worked, etc.  Unfortunately, the nearest parking I could find was a couple of blocks from the campus … more

  • VirtualPC Memory Limit -- Nero InCD

    Chris Wille pointed me to Nero InCD as the culprit when my VirtualPC machine wouldn't let me use more than 256mb of my 2GB of RAM.  He says now that this is fixed in the latest version.  Ben Armstrong also covers the issue of Nero InCD and VirtualPC, recommending uninstalling. What I've found works for me is to simply open up Windows Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, sort by Image Name, select InCD.exe, and End Process.  No need to uninstall (or install a new version of Nero).  I can still use Nero when I want for burning or whatever, but when I'm doing VPC I just stop it.  I'm pretty sure I don't need InCD using up resources 24/7 anyway. more

  • Internet Access from VirtualPC with Windows Server 2003

    Decided to install a fresh VPC for development, which is why I justified getting so much RAM in my latest laptop (the graphics card, on the other hand, was purely for CounterStrike / HalfLife 2).  Got it up and running in short order, but it didn't want to talk to the Internet.  I knew I'd seen this before but it took me about half an hour of googling to find the quick fix here:  The solution:  Windows Server 2003 looks at the DNS packet, sees that it is coming from a source other than the DNS server it requested the information from, and rejects it.  A simple fix for this is to manually assign the … more