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  • Visual Studio Team System 2008 White Papers

    Microsoft has published a set of white papers which provide a good technical overview of the features available in Visual Studio Team System 2008.  They're available individually for download: Visual Studio Team System 2008 Capabilities White Papers. The papers cover the following subjects, corresponding to features sets and design goals of VSTS 2008: Communicate and Collaborate Drive Predictability Ensure Quality Early and Often Integrate Work Frequently Making Real-Time Decisions Managing Team Workflow Using Familiar Tools I wrote the Integrate Work Frequently paper, which describes some of the new build system features, including the capability to implement Continuous Integration … more

  • TFS Tips

    I'm just wrapping up a long article on Team System 2008 and its new capabilities, especially its continuous integration support and build server improvements.  In the course of researching for this article, I found a couple of tips that didn't really fit into the scope of the article, but I wanted to call attention to them.  The first one addresses a pain point of mine, which is the default action when you associate a work item with a check-in.  By default, the default check-in action for such work items is Resolve, when it probably should default to Associate. 95% of the time I want it to be Associate.  5% of the time I might want it to be Resolve (but really I don't … more

  • Fixed: CCNET + MSBUILD Logger Error

    Ran into a snag this weekend with my build server - it started throwing errors related to the path to a folder, like this: .MSBUILD : error MSB4015: The build was aborted because the "MsBuildToCCNetLogger" logger failed unexpectedly during shutdown. System.ArgumentException: The path is not of a legal form. at System.IO.Path.NormalizePathFast(String path, Boolean fullCheck) at System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(String path) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteErrorsOrWarnings(XmlWriter w, String type, IEnumerable list) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteProject(XmlWriter w, Project p) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteLog(XmlWriter w) at … more

  • Team Project Creation Failed TF30225

     So, I get this error now every time I try to create a new Team Project.  I've checked my SQL Reporting Services configuration and it's all Green.  I'm creating this project as an administrator.  I've searched for help online, of course, but so far, nothing.  I'll update this post when I find the answer - in the meantime if you know what kind of animal sacrifice is required, please comment.Update: Worked like a charm.  Blog about it, and the answer will come.  I found this forum thread during one more search.  This led me to update my report data source credentials … more

  • Orcas VPC TimeBombedBase Missing

    I downloaded the Orcas Visual Studio Beta 1 VPC from MSDN yesterday and stitched all of the zip files together, and launched it.  Ran into the dreaded: “E:\VPC\TimeBombedBase\Base01.vhd” could not be found message.  If you run into the same thing, you can find others with the same issue easily enough. The solution is to download the VSCTPBase.exe file from here.  Extract the Base01.vhd file and then point to that as the base for your Orcas VPC.  It’s working great for me now. more

  • Old Team System News

    This is all from last month, but I’ve been busy so it’s been in my queue.  Sorry for the late “news”: Microsoft acquired TeamPlain, makers of TeamPlain Web Access for connecting to TFS via a browser.  TeamPlain will be free to anybody with a TFS CAL.  Full announcement. Patterns and practices announced the publication of prescriptive guidance for TFS/VSTS.  JD Meier had the details. In related news, the VSTS team published 40 pages of strategies for branching and merging with TFS on CodePlex, here.   more

  • Speaking at Connection in Vegas in November

    I found out that I should be speaking at the DevConnections show this fall.  The show is being held in Las Vegas again, November 5–8th.  I apologize to anybody that had hoped to see me present last month in Orlando at the spring show – I was unfortunately out of the country due to circumstances beyond my control (but which you’ll see more details on in a future blog post very soon). At the Fall 2007 show I’ll be presenting the following: Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration for ASP.NET and VSTS I’ve given this talk once before myself and it was one of my talks this spring that was covered for me.  It’s one of my current … more

  • Display Current Bin Folder Content Information

    As part of my automated build and test process, I wanted to be able to confirm that my third party components were the proper version and, more importantly, that they were fully licensed.  For some components, I can create a new instance of the control or component and test its IsLicensed property.  For others, the assembly itself is different for evaluation versus professional versions, and another approach is required.  In the first case, the code required to test if the control is licensed is trivial – the second case requires slightly more work. These assemblies live in the /bin folder of my ASP.NET application.  The best way to determine whether or not the … more

  • VS2005 Data Pro Dies on Compile Fix

    I had an issue with VS2005 For DB Pros (the Data Dude SKU) where every time I would build my solution (or that project), VS2005 would simply die.  This was on Vista.  After looking for the answer, I contacted Gert Drapers who informed me of the fix — install the RTM of SQL 2005 SP2 (or just the XMO redist) and the problem’s solved. Thanks, Gert – I hope this helps some others who had a CTP of SP2 installed.Tags: vs2005, dbpro, data+dude more

  • Plasma v1.0 Release Available

    Plasma is an ASP.NET in-memory web server emulator that can be used for ASP.NET unit testing or automation.  Its initial codebase was written by Microsoft and its current incarnation is a community project licensed under the Microsoft Permissive License.  I’ve been working on the project with several others and have just put the initial release out on the CodePlex project site.  There are a lot of enhancements that have already been made that are not in this release, but I wanted to get the basic, vanilla implementation out there first, and then (hopefully soon) put out a 1.1 release with some of the many optimizations that we’ve already made.  Unfortunately, … more

  • DevConnections Fall 2006 Summary

    Got back home last night from DevConnections in Las Vegas.  It was a very good show this year in terms of content, products being launched, and numbers of attendees and exhibitors.  I think I had more people in my sessions than usual, too, and they all went well (i.e. the demos worked, nobody threw tomatoes at me).The keynote on Monday night suffered a bit from some audio issues and in general wasn’t as tremendously exciting as I thought it should have been given that ASP.NET AJAX Beta 2 was announced, along with Office 2007 and Sharepoint 2007 and, I believe, .NET 3.0.  Perhaps the sheer volume of announcements of products being released made it difficult to build buzz … more